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Selena Gomez Says Lupus Medication Caused Her Weight Gain

Selena Gomez Shows Love For 'Real Stomachs' While Wearing A Swimsuit
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/selenagomez, Tiktok/selenagomez

Selena Gomez went live on TikTok and briefly opened up about body image, saying she tends to hold water weight due to her lupus medication, and that she wanted to encourage fans to remember that they're beautiful and wonderful.

“I tend to hold a lot of water weight and that happens very normally. And then when I’m off of [my medication], I tend to lose weight,” she said, via Us Weekly. “I just wanted to say and encourage anyone out there who feels any sort of shame for exactly what they’re going through and nobody knows the real story, so — I just want people to know that you’re beautiful and you’re wonderful and, yeah, we have days where maybe we feel like shit but I would much rather be healthy and take care of myself, and my medications are important and I believe they are what helps me."


She added, “So yeah, not a model, never will be. And I think they’re awesome, mind you, I just am definitely, definitely not that. So, that's it. This is getting a little too much, but I just wanted to tell you I love you guys and thanks for supporting me and understanding, and if not...go away because honestly I don't believe in shaming people for body or anything."

Selena's TikTok comes amid her being body shamed, which she previously responded to in the comments of the below TikTok.


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