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11 Self-Isolating Women On How They're Preventing Loneliness

Writing letters is just one way.

Since the government has issued guidelines encouraging everyone to socially distance themselves, or to self-isolate if they're displaying possible coronavirus symptoms (ditto anybody living with a person displaying those symptoms), it's natural that many people are feeling anxious or lonely. Here, women around the world who've been self-isolating (or plan to) share their experiences and tips for curbing loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. "Me and my friends plan to do group video calls so we can chat and eat our lunch together in our PJs." [via]
  2. "I'm trying to reach out to people I haven't spoken to in months, just to get the conversation going againmaybe try to have longer phone chats with friends who live outside my province or even country. I've always been aware that I'm the friend whom people like to hang out with, but not necessarily get very deep with, and I'm really starting to feel the consequences and limitations of all that by this point in my life." [via]
  3. "Considering I have no nearby friends, I'm just trying to get lost in the comforts of Hollywoodland. Fortunately, old movies, my favorite, are the easiest to find for free." [via]
  4. "I'm avoiding the gym right now, so discovering new at-home workouts and yoga has been fun for me. I've been picking different topics I want to learn more about and researching/finding documentaries on those topics. I'm planning to declutter a bit too." [via]
  5. "Calling my mother every morning, she keeps me grounded and makes me feel safe for the 20 minutes we can talk." [via]
  6. "I've just been texting people to see if they're okay in between cleaning." [via]
  7. "Both of my jobs have temporarily shut down, so I'm going to get stuff done around my house that has been neglected. I love fibre arts [crafts involving wool or fabrics, such as knitting, macrame or lace making], so I'm probably going to be making Christmas presents this month." [via]
  8. "I'm thinking about writing a bunch of letters." [via]
  9. "I'm isolating at my parents house with my dogs so at least I'm not all alone. I try to FaceTime and call my friends and also use the Instagram questions feature to start a conversation. It ain't much but..." [via]
  10. "What helps me is thinking about other people in countries where there are still wars going on and situations much worse than what we're facing. Compared to that, living safely inside with everything we need is a privilege. Yes, it can be lonely, but you're not the only one and definitely not the one having the roughest time." [via]
  11. "I call my mom multiple times a day. FaceTime with friends when I can. I'm able to talk to my husband every day and send memes back and forth and that helps so much. YouTube has weirdly been my solaceit’s the only place where there seems to be a sense of normalcy and where I can escape from children's shows. I find a lot of hope in knowing things will go on and more and more people seem to be taking this seriously now." [via]
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