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Real Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When You're At The Gym

Too real!
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When it comes to the gym, everyone has their own personal goals and as a result, their individual struggles, lol. Kanya-kanyang strategy lang when it comes to completing their fitness routines. With the new decade upon us, you're probably at the gym more often than usual—and we're rooting for you! So we asked Pinays, what exactly do goes through their heads when they're working out?

  • For Maricar, it's all about doing the hard stuff first: "I don't have any thoughts while doing cardio or weights. Lol. I just want it to finish so I can go ahead with the class. I enjoy the dance classes more."
  • Karla's plight is relatable AF: "'WTF! 10 MINUTES PA LANG 'YON? BAKIT HINIHINGAL NA AKO???' is my forever mood, hahaha!!"
  • Lou focuses on the ~*rewards*~: "TBH, I always think about what I'm gonna eat after. Gotta treat myself!"
  • Monina likes to be challenged: "Grabe naman 'tong coach. Wala pa bang mas mahirap?"
  • Istin is trying to find her rhythm: "The first time I hit the gym, medyo nakaka-intimidate, kasi everyone seems busy with their workouts. Pero sabi ko, sana hindi ito yung last day ko rin sa gym. Akala ko enough na ang one-hour jog, pero after that, bumalik pa rin ako kahit my whole body was in pain. Tip: Always stretch before and after a workout."
  • Deih is working on developing her confidence: "Uy, cute outfit ni sis, tanungin ko kaya kung saan niya nakuha? Uy, may confidence siya to wear a sports bra without a shirt over it, sana ako rin, hahahuhu."
  • June has a very specific goal: "All these calories I'm burning will give me free pass to eat all the foooooodz." But her calorie counter is like, "137 calories burned, you can eat two grapes."
  • Anya is her own cheerleader: " I got used to motivating myself because of cheer (2:30-minute routine na tuloy tuloy ka at 'di ka puwede huminto when you want to, lol), so I'd say to myself 'Kaya mo pa!' or 'One last push!' I remind myself what to do para 'di mapagod agad like, 'Breathe through your nose!' or 'Find your pace, run to the beat.' What also helps me in finishing reps is counting backwards para in my head, I'd say 'Last 3!' or "Last 1!'"'
  • Kan-de wants to make sure sulit ang membership: "Kailangan magamit lahat ng equipment! Sayang ang bayad, ang mahal mahal."
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