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We Quizzed Pinays On What Exactly Happens Down There, And Here’s What We Found Out

It's surprising that we still have a lot to learn, CGs.
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To this day, many girls still get shy and red-faced when asking or answering questions about their vagina—from the way it looks or smells to proper care and maintenance. Having an open discussion about all things down there should help encourage a healthy understanding of our bodies and debunk the stigma that surrounds women’s health. In this way, we learn how to better take care of ourselves so we can feel fresh, happy, and confident. 

At a recent Carefree event, we asked a few Cosmo girls—actress Gabbi Garcia, influencer and entrepreneur Denise Heredia, fitness influencer Carla Piscoro, blogger and stylist Aisa Ipac, and host and influencer China Tuason what they know when it comes to what's down there.

How would you define a healthy vagina?

Denise: I think the smell is a good indication if your [vagina] is healthy or not. 

Aisa: It shouldn’t feel itchy and it should always smell fresh. 

Should women feel pressured to go hairless down there?

Denise: It’s painful but it’s worth it. I believe, as a woman, that you should be hairless below the eyebrows.

Carla: I like it without any hair because I do a lot of bikini shots.

Aisa: Sometimes it can be uncomfortable and messy if you don’t have hair, especially when you pee—it goes everywhere. Going hairless depends on the woman and her lifestyle. I sometimes do it if I have to go to the beach.

China: I prefer to wax down there only because I feel it’s more hygienic. For example, if you’re fully grown down there, there’s more odor when you pee or when you get your monthly period. I feel the hair retains the odor. So it just feels cleaner and fresher without hair.

How do you deal with hormonal changes when you're PMSing?

Gabbi: I’m not so sensitive to these hormonal changes. I’m not the type who gets irritated when I have my period. I’m just really chill. I just get really hungry, though, when I have my period. And I don’t go to the gym—I just don’t like the feeling.

Carla: I don’t get too much pain, but I do get mood swings, especially at work. And I do eat a lot. I like sweets.

Aisa: There are times when I’m super sensitive. Otherwise, I don’t feel any pain and I still get to move around.

China: I noticed that the older you get, the more you feel the signs. I never really had PMS when I was a teenager, but when I got to my 20s, that’s when I started craving more food. My breasts are more sore, I get cramps and my mood swings are more intense. On normal days, I work out and do yoga but when I have my period, I feel more lethargic and lazier.

Why is wearing a panty liner as important as wearing a napkin or a tampon?

Gabbi: It’s hygienic and it keeps you fresh all day.

Carla: It’s basic hygiene. It’s more sanitary. When you have discharge, it’s easier with a panty liner—you won’t have to wash it off your underwear.

Aisa: You don’t always have tissue in the public bathrooms so it’s good to wear a panty liner so your underwear stays dry after you pee.

China: I feel it’s more hygienic. For example, you get more discharge right before your period so it prevents staining on your underwear.

How does wearing a panty liner like Carefree Flexi Comfort Liner make you feel?

Gabbi: I wear a panty liner every time I go out, and Carefree Flexi Comfort Liner helps keep me feeling fresh and comfortable all day. And once you’re comfortable, confidence will follow.

Denise: It makes me feel comfortable and secure. You feel more complete. Also, I’m the type of girl who hates panty lines, so I wear thongs, and I like that Carefree Flexi Comfort Liner adjusts to the shape of my underwear. It’s really easy to wear.

Carla: I’ve been wearing panty liners ever since I was a teenager so I feel naked when I don’t wear it. And I like that Carefree Flexi Comfort Liner gives a seamless effect, and it’s thinner but more absorbent.

Aisa: There are girls like me na grabe mag-discharge so I wear Carefree Flexi Comfort Liner para I’m more comfortable when I’m doing all my daily activities.

China: I feel cleaner and fresher. And you can wear Carefree Flexi Comfort Liner with any type of underwear, whether seamless or classic briefs and even thongs. It’s easier to adjust from one outfit to the next, so you can say that this panty liner is more flexible.

Give some tips on how to take care of our vagina.

Gabbi: You have to clean it with feminine wash and not just soap and water. I don’t suggest wiping it with hard tissue paper. Go for alcohol-free wipes.

Denise: Use the right feminine wash and not just with soap. Wear panty liners every day. Eating clean also helps.

Carla: Wash each time you shower. Use the right panty liner.

Aisa: Use panty liners and wash your [vagina properly].

China: Go to your gynecologist and get a pap smear.

There may still be many taboos and unanswered questions when it comes to the vagina, but one thing is for sure: The new Carefree Flexi Comfort Aloe Vera Liner can make everything down there feel fresh and comfy. Its thin design fits in any panty (even a thong!) for total confidence you can wear every day. 

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