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Whoa! So Many *Powerful* Women Gathered At This Event—Here’s What You Missed

They conquered red day barriers and promoted period positivity!

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It was a powerful afternoon at Electric Studio in Podium, Mandaluyong City last May 24, 2023, where GynePro held their Pound & Proud event where guests unleashed their ~*inner warriors*~ and got ready to punch their red-day vulnerabilities away to celebrate this year’s Menstrual Health Month.

With #PeriodPositivity at the core of the event, GynePro brought together an army of strong and empowered women to participate in a short but very engaging talk led by Host and Fitness Trainer Cam Lagmay, along with GynePro Brand Manager Ella Ravalo, OB-GYN and TikTok star Dr. Mitch Dado, and Electric Studio’s very own Coach JK Kong. The panel went over a series of topics ranging from PMS, period myths, and menstrual hygiene, to how one can conquer her red days, underscoring GynePro’s advocacy for raising menstrual health and hygiene awareness among Filipino women.

But the afternoon didn't end there! After an inspiring and enlightening discussion, the guests geared up and experienced a heart-pounding 45-minute rhythm boxing session led by Coach JK where they sweated it out and left their worries in the dust.

Here are the highlights from the afternoon's period talk:

Breaking the stigma

Sure, it may be 2023 already and we’d like to think that we’ve eradicated social stigmas toward a woman’s period, however, Brand Manager Ella Ravalo explained that these still exist because of gender inequality and lack of proper education which is present in traditional societies including some parts of the Philippines.

“The more important concerns in our country are miseducation and period poverty because there are a lot of girls and women who don’t have access to clean water and the right menstrual health and hygiene products,” she adds.

Apart from being a feminine wash that helps women conquer their red days, GynePro is also determined to challenge those pesky social stigmas head-on. By fostering open and supportive discussions about menstruation, GynePro aims to create an environment where no topic is off-limits and everyone feels empowered.

What you need to know when you’re on your period

While we should *technically* be thankful to experience periods every month because it's a sign of a healthy reproductive system, along with it comes the nasty bits that tend to hinder us from performing or being at our best. To better understand how periods work, Dr. Mich Dado briefly shared with the group the science behind our monthly flow and how this affects our feminine area. “Because of the changes in our hormones and the presence of blood, the pH level of the vaginal ecosystem changes from basic to acidic," Dr. Mich Dado explained. "For you to be protected, it has to be an acidic pH of 3.8 to 4.2, however, because of the blood it becomes a bit more basic above 4.5, and this makes us more prone to infections, odor, itch, and irritation.” Add to that the accumulation of bacteria in your nether regions when you’re menstruating, right? And what better way to take control of your period than by using a more potent product that will protect you from all these? This just means that when you're on shark week, it's important to give your body some extra protection!

Powering through your red days

The emotional rollercoaster that we grudgingly endure every time we get our period is more often than not a pretty big price to pay when it comes to being a woman. When asked how she powers through her red days at work, Coach JK emphasized the importance of acknowledging your responsibilities and keeping a positive and strong mindset throughout your flow. “When those days happen, you really don’t have a choice but to get through or to go through with class," Coach JK shared. "Of course, you feel a little fatigue and the soreness lasts longer on those days, but I like to think of it as ‘I’m here to bring that magic to everybody else’. A lot of people would come in hoping for that energy to be transferred around the room, so I have to do my part to make sure that every single person will want the energy and the endorphins and to have fun. I think it’s a lot of mindset and just thinking that you have to go through it.”

For Kat Tolentino, a professional volleyball player and current member of the Choco Mucho Flying Titans, maintaining an active lifestyle before and during her period is a significant factor in taking control of her red days. “Being an athlete, it’s something I’ve learned to manage over the years. You have to be physically strong. Exercise helps a lot with my red days and staying active and eating healthy even before the red days is a great way to manage period symptoms.”

Your must-have for that-time-of-the-month

With our mini period education coming to a close, we learned all about a product that will help arm you against red-day discomforts. After all, having just a ~*positive mindset*~ will not prevent bacterial buildup in your feminine area or banish all our period concerns, right? GynePro helps women during red days thanks to its special formula which contains an antiseptic that provides bacteria-killing action, helping prevent odor, itch, and irritation so you can unleash your full potential even during that time of the month.

Normalizing period education and conversation is essential for promoting bodily autonomy, gender equality, and overall well-being. It helps women understand their bodies better, make informed choices, and challenges social norms, creating a more inclusive and empathetic environment for everyone. Gynepro’s Pound & Proud event accomplished just that and served as the perfect outlet for women to shine and empower fellow women.

Together, let us power through red days knowing that our feminine area is clean and protected. Let us promote period positivity with #SuperiorGyneProtection and be #PeriodProud with GynePro.

For more info about GynePro, visit and follow the brand’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages. You can check out the GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash online via UL Skin Sciences' Lazada and Shopee.

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