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Quick 10-Minute Workout Videos If You Want To Make 2021 Your *Year Of Health*

Slow but steady.
quick, easy workouts

Every January you promise yourself that this is gonna be the year you eat healthy and be active. And then you make big plans, buy exercise equipment, and keep up a routine for a month or two before you eventually fall back into you old habits. People have a hard time being consistent in their fitness journey because of a lack of discipline and the amount of pressure they put on themselves to achieve unrealistic results quickly.

If you’ve been sedentary for months or maybe even years, perhaps attending a workout class every day of the week—even virtually—isn’t the best idea because it could potentially just add to your stress. Instead, try to work towards your fitness goals in a slow but steady manner. Instead of committing to an hour-long workout seven days a week, why not start with 10 minutes? Below are five 10-minute workout videos for you to check out—and then build from there.


For people who love cardio:

For those who want to try HIIT for the first time:

For if you want to focus on your core:

For if you’re curious about barre workouts:

For people who want to build the booty:

For yogis who want to relax:


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