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12 Exercises To Tone Your Tummy

Get those abs you've always wanted!

You will need: a yoga or pilates mat + (1) 10-15 lb. kettlebell

A few reminders:

  • Stretch BEFORE and AFTER the workout.
  • Keep your abdomen engaged at all times.
  • Grip the kettlebell properly to avoid accidents.
  • Don't forget to BREATHE.

1. Regular Crunches

2. Crunches With Hands Above Head

Instead of positioning your arms behind your head like a regular crunch, raise them above your head for extra pressure.

3. The Hundred

Lift your head above the mat, raise your legs, and bend your knees. Slightly pump your hands ten times on your sides without touching the floor (pretend like you're skimming the surface of water), then stretch your legs straight and pump ten times again. Keep alternating until you reach one hundred pumps.

4. Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

Get down on all fours with your arms and legs shoulder-width. Lift one arm and the opposite leg simultaneously (ex. left arm-right leg), then switch to the other arm and leg. 

5. Burpees

Start with your body upright. Bend down into a crouching position, then kick your legs back while your arms extend forward. You should end up in a push-up position. From there, jump back into a crouching position, then jump upwards and clap your hands above your head. Repeat in swift motions.

6. Squat and Twist

Hold the kettlebell near your chest, squat, and twist your body to one side. Stand up and repeat on the other side.

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7. The Scissors

Lying down flat on your back, lift your legs and crisscross them alternately, keeping your abdomen engaged.

8. Leg Drop and Lift

Start with your knees bent. Kick forward to straighten your legs, bend them again, then kick upwards, raising your hips and legs towards the ceiling. Bend your knees again, then repeat.

9. Kettlebell Side to Side Crunch

Sitting on the mat, slightly lean backwards and bend your knees above the ground. Twist your body side to side while holding the kettlebell.

10. Kettlebell Figure 8

Stand with your legs wide apart. Hold the kettlebell in one hand, swing it under your leg, and catch it with your opposite hand. Swing it again under your leg, and catch.

11. Low Belly Reach

Do a regular crunch with your legs raised above the ground. Your upper and lower body should "meet" in the middle a.k.a. your abs.

12. Side Crunch

Lie on your side and lift your body upwards, engaging your obliques.

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