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22 Workout Excuses Everyone Makes

It's a wonder anyone gets to the gym.

1. "I don't have time." 
Work out? You would, but you're too busing working.

2. "I don't have enough time." 
If you could squeeze in a workout after work and before happy hour ends? Of course you'd hit gym. But then you'd have to shower and wash your hair and redo your makeup, and you'd totally miss the specials. Two-for-one wine, anyone?

3. "I'm too tired." 
Say you could physically make it to the gym without dying of exhaustion—you'd end up going through the motions with your eyes closed. You'd be a hazard to yourself.

4. "I ate really, really healthy today!" 
That's good enough—no excess exercise required.

5. "I'm getting my period." 
You're already crampy, bloated, and tired. The last thing you need is sore muscles to top off the misery. (Unless you do the ideal workout for when you have your period.)

6. "I have my period." 
You honestly do want to work out today—you have the best intentions! But if you bleed through your yoga pants, you'd never be able to show your face at the gym ever again. You just can't afford to risk it.


7. "I don't want to have to schlep all my stuff all day." 
Carrying your sneakers, gym clothes, clean clothes, shower shoes, products, and makeup everywhere should qualify as its own workout. (Not. Interested.)

8. "I forgot my..." 
Sneakers. Hair elastic. Headphones. Sports bra. You name it: If it didn't make into your gym bag, you can't exercise without it—it's a sign from the stars to sit it out!

9. "I'm so out of shape." 
Every time you use this excuse to skip a workout? It becomes an even better excuse!

10. "I don't want to have to wash my hair." 
The quickest way to ruin a perfectly good hair day or blowout is to sweat all over it. Not happening.

11. "The gym is too expensive." 
Even if money did grow on trees, you'd rather spend it on something more fun. Like anything.

12. "I never done that workout before." 
Step one foot into that new fitness class, and—who knows?!—you might break it!

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13. "I'm not flexible enough for that." 
Touch your toes? You can barely reach your knees. No yoga for you!

14. "I'm too sore." 
Whether the culprit is yesterday's spin class or the crazy-high shoes you wore out last night, your legs hurt and have made the executive decision to sit this one out.

15. "I'm not a [gym/yoga/barre/spinning/etc.] person." 
Use this one often enough, and you never will be. It's the excuse that works forever!

16. "I don't feel like seeing anyone I know." 
Whether you're hungover, tired, breaking out, or out of clean (cute) workout clothes, you don't need an audience.

17. "I'm sick/getting sick." 
Never mind the facts—that exercise flushes bacteria out of the lungs, boosts your immune system, and alleviates the stress that increases your risk of getting sick. You feel like shit and you're not stepping foot in that gym, dammit!

18. "I get too hungry to work out after work." 
And you can't work out on a full stomach. So you should probably just go home and eat dinner on your couch.


19. "I'm too tired in the morning." 
Mornings are for sleeping, not sweating. Obviously. (But there are reasons you should workout in the morning—and a method behind the madness.)

20. "I have zero rhythm." 
Zumba would stir up memories of your second-grade dance recital. Trauma, no thank you.

21. "I get way too bored." 
You don't know how marathoners run for hours on end, and you don't want to. The thought of activity without entertainment is just—you can't even.

22. "I don't want to." 
Lazy is as lazy does. (Hey, at least you're honest.)


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