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5 Tips To Tone Your Body

And FYI, those sit-ups aren't gonna give you abs.

We asked celebrity personal trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson to spill the last minute ways you can tone up (without doing too many burpees).

1. First of all, you should train ALL of your muscle groups a minimum of three times a week. Blake recommends targeting these areas with these killer-but-worth-it exercises.

Combine one exercise from each group over the course of three days and do 10 reps of each until you reach 40 minutes. After completing a set of the five exercises, break it up with skipping or a short burst of running and prepare to feel the burn. Then, start your next set. 


- Hip Thrusts

- High Step Ups

- Bulgarian lunges 


 - Squats

- Deadlifts

- Sprints 


- Push ups

- Chin ups

- Bench Dips 


 - Hanging leg raises

- Front squats

- Window Wipers 

All over body: 

- Burpees

- Squat and Press

- Rowing

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If you miss a workout during the week, Blake recommends making up for it over the weekend. So NO excuses.

Alternatively, try doubling up on the same day with another workout (although that sounds hardcore, Blake's reasoning makes sense).

"It's not something I recommend often but if you were doing weights in the morning you could do cardio or Pilates in the afternoon, as long as it's complementary."

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2. Want abs? Blake says you should forget about sit-ups. 

"The reason you don't see your abs isn't from the exercise but your overall body fat. You may have a good set of abs underneath but until you get your body fat down around the twenty per cent mark as a female, you're unlikely to see anything."

But feeling fitter on a tight deadline isn't all about body fat and exercise. Food is your main game.

"Packaged foods are the biggest danger. They are also convenient so it's a catch 22! But if you're reading the labels, check out the sugar content and look for 'foods' that are under 5g/100 in the sugar line."

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Blake also explains that cutting down your alcohol consumption will also improve your overall diet, because it's the food you eat when you're drinking that causes problems. (READ: that kebab or sisig).

"You'll also experience less water retention and less bloating if you cut back."

The thing is, you do feel like you're eating more when you're exercising and it can be because of all that energy you're using during a workout, so...

3. Eat smart: It's important to pay attention to your own body's needs.

"If you're training first thing in the morning you might find you're better on an empty stomach. Others find a lean source of protein and carbs like chicken, veggies, and sweet potato two hours out from a workout is great. If you're eating closer to workout time, like an hour, veggie sticks and a small handful of nuts or an apple with nut butter might be a better option."

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4. To boost your results, Blake recommends giving protein powder a try.

Because that stuff isn't just reserved for the boys.

“You definitely need some kind of protein post-workout and the easiest way to get that is via protein powder, but it has to be a really clean protein powder.”

And if you find you get bloated easily from your shakes, Blake's got some news for you:

"A lot of females have trouble processing protein powders and often get bloated. Whey protein is what tends to cause bloating."

5. And Blake's ultimate advice? Get outside your comfort zone.

"You'll know you're there when you can't hold a conversation at all during your workout. If you can say one sentence, the intensity needs to go up."

Blake runs the 6 Weeks to Sexy bootcamp-style program (with meal plans!) for women which is the BEST way to push your body to its fitness limits. If you're not in Sydney or Adelaide, you can also do it online.

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