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7 Ways You're Exercising On Your Vacation Without Even Realizing It

You're basically in some kind of boot camp...

1. Swimming
Whether it's splashing in the sea or a few lengths in the hotel pool, pretty much any time spent in water is good for you. Swimming is one of the most comprehensive workouts you can get, working nearly every muscle, and because it's super gentle on the joints, almost anyone can do it—even those with an injury, or who aren't in the best shape they could be. Just 30 minutes of leisurely freestyle burns around 250 calories, and there's 260 in a Magnum ice cream, so you're at least breaking even (just remember to leave 30 minutes after munching to avoid cramps!)

2. Walking
City-breakers, rejoice—while you're strolling around your sunny destination of choice (and taking many, many selfies in front of the local tourist hotspots, obvs) you're probably burning off your massive hotel breakfast, too. Depending on how speedy or slow your pace is, you could blitz up to 100 cals every 30 minutes. And FYI, you get infinite amounts of bonus points if your walk happens to be on sand, because that sh*t is killer for your calves.

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3. Shopping
If your vacay is more about picking up some bargains (do you even know how cheap Zara clothes are in their native Spain?!), you'll get all of the benefits of walking with the added bonus of carrying the bags with all of your purchases in them—a practice that's fab for toning your arms. The heavier the carrier bags, the better it is for your muscles, and if that's not a good enough excuse to pick up that truly incredible pair of chunky heels, frankly, we don't know what is.

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4. Dancing
An hour of your finest twerking will burn almost 400 calories, which should be enough to void those lurid green shots you thought were a fantastic idea at the time. Keep yourself hydrated by alternating your boozy drinks with a glass of water, and you'll be able to keep shaking that ass long into the night.

5. Weightlifting (kinda)
Okay, so we're not actually suggesting you pack a mini set of barbells, but lugging around that heavy suitcase is no mean feat—especially if you're going long haul. Carrying a 15lb load (equivalent to a small child) for an hour burns approximately 240 cals—or a bar of Dairy Milk or a very large handful of sweets. If you're super serious about working on your fitness during your trip, wheel your case around the terminal a few extra times. Hey, every little helps!

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6. Sex
Honeymooning, couples traveling, or just staying in a villa near someone you kinda like? Make the most of your romantic getaway setting and you'll work off 140+ calories per (active) hour spent between the sheets. However, even when you're doing it purely for the workout (aren't we all?), all of the usual safe-sex rules apply, so don't let the sun sozzle your usual healthy standards. Unfortunately, spooning doesn't count. 

7. Sit ups
Well, every time you gracefully elevate (read, begrudgingly bend) yourself from that sun lounger to reach your books/SPF/beverage, you're basically working your abs, right? And you know what more sit ups means? More free calories for piña coladas. Shine on, you healthy holiday goddess.

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