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7 Exercises That Will Help You Say Bye To Back Fat

PHOTO: Jean Saturnino

Isn't it annoying when back bulges get in the way of a well thought-out outfit? Or when all of a sudden, your bra doesn't fit you as perfectly as before? Don't worry, these seven simple moves can help you handle your back fat!

According to Nikki Torres, a yoga teacher and the creator of the Toning + Dance Cardio Workout called NT Sweat, there's no such thing as a "targeted workout" when it comes to back fat. There's no way to really isolate an area you want to work on; you always end up engaging other muscles when you work out anyway.  

In this video, you'll be doing a combination of exercises that will strengthen your back, tone your butt, and stabilize your core. 

For more helpful tips on how to sustain a balanced lifestyle, check out Nikki’s website called Pretty Darn Fit and follow her on Instagram.

Hair and makeup by Elaine Ganuelas.


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