Can I Go Biking During My Period?

Yes, you can–and you won't believe the benefits!

During your period, the kaba of getting a sudden gush can get so strong, it can put any physical activity to a halt. Something like cycling, for example, might not sound too appealing because it comes with the worry of having to deal with the gush–especially since the activity involves too much movement down there! Guess what: going cycling is perfectly fine as long as you prepared for it by wearing the right pad, choosing the right outfit, and knowing your body’s needs especially during your period. Read on to know why your bike can be your period’s next best friend!

Cycling eases cramps.

Menstrual cramps are best beaten by aerobic exercises which increase heart rate. Experts agree that this is when endorphins are released, combating the chemicals that produce cramps during menstruation. Cycling is one of the best examples of aerobic exercises, along with brisk walking and swimming. These activities, as well as other cardiovascular exercises that raise your heart rate to at least 65% of your max, help ease cramps.

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It tones your whole body.

Having sudden gushes during your period shouldn’t stop you from going for your fitness goals. Wearing the proper pad and attire should equip you with the comfort and confidence to pursue that toned body through cycling. It lets you burn calories fast while you work on your quads, glutes, and calves, as well as sculpt and tone your upper body with the right form on the bike.

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Definitely not the correct posture for biking. For tips on proper posture click here!

Riding helps you shake off period blues.

Hormonal changes during your period can give you unpredictable mood swings. Cycling can actually help you get out of a bad mood as it wires your brain to release dopamine. Your dopamine and serotonin levels may be low during your period, but biking can help your brain release more of these feel-good triggers.

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Cycling can make you less susceptible to period pains.

Chances are, you're also experiencing pain from cramps and bloating. Cycling has some unique benefits to remedy that, such as improved joint mobility and muscle strength, better posture, and stronger bones. These rid you of the usual period-induced muscle pains in the long run as they condition the body to grow less susceptible to cramping, while helping your lower back muscles feel less achy.

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Next time you start to feel uneasy about taking your bike out for a cruise just because you have your period, don’t hesitate– just go for it! Don’t let that gush stop you, because it’s perfectly fine to keep on cycling even when you have your period. Just make sure to prepare for the occasion by wearing the right pad that is specially designed to absorb 25% more during your heavy flow days–MODESS® All Nights.

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