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Emma Stone Gained 15 Pounds For Her Latest Role

Here's how she got ready to play Billie Jean King.
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In Battle of the Sexes, Emma Stone portrays tennis superstar Billie Jean King. After she landed the role, Emma immediately reached out to her long-time trainer, Jason Walsh. He told SELF, “When I got word from her that she got this role and heard what she wanted to look like and feel like, we sat down and formulated exactly how to get to that point.”

To play one of the greatest athletes of all time, Emma had to step her game in the gym. We already know the girl can deadlift:

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But what exactly did they have to do to get Emma ready in just three months? Jason shared, “We started with the goal of putting on at least 10 pounds, and then when we got there, we decided to put on another 5 to just have that physique as close as possible to Billy Jean.”

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Emma already trains with Jason regularly, so instead of going hard and fast, they just increased the volume of her established workouts. This was especially important for Jason because he didn’t want to risk an injury. Jason added more weight and reps to Emma’s workout routine—and had her exercise twice a day.

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Emma’s strengthening program included “a lot of basic strength moves like sled pushes/pulls, hip thrusts, pull-ups, and push-ups. [She was] also deadlifting 185 pounds, front squatting 100 pounds, lunging with 70 pounds, and doing single-leg squats with 100 pounds.”

Source: SELF

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