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8 Exercise Equipment To Consider For Your At-Home Gym

Build your own gym and get those workouts in!
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The pandemic—and the quarantine restrictions that followed—forced all gyms to close down. And in crowded places like Metro Manila, it’s not advisable to go out to exercise, even if it’s just a short walk around the block. Sure, you’ve probably been following a bunch of YouTube videos, stretching and working out in random spots in your house. But take it a step further by building your own gym at home. If you think about the last time you were in a traditional gym, there’s a good chance you weren’t using all the equipment available to you. There were just too many! But buying your own workout tools gives you the freedom to invest in equipment you know you’ll use. Here are a few ideas.

Best Exercise Equipment At Home

Best Exercise Equipment At Home: Resistance bands

From beginners to athletes, resistance bands are beneficial to everyone. I guarantee that six months from now, even if you’ve gotten stronger from your workouts, resistance bands will still surprise you with a move that isn’t as easy to execute as it looks. Resistance bands provide assistance (it can make pull-ups feel easier) or resistance (air squats and lunges could feel harder). So no matter what move you’re doing, you’ll always feel the burn.

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Best Exercise Equipment At Home: Kettlebell

Exercising with a kettlebell can challenge your body because you need more strength and stability to handle one. The first time you tried to swing a kettlebell, for example, you may have slightly lost your footing; that’s because it takes practice to execute a swing correctly. It’s also a versatile piece of equipment. You can train your arms, legs, back, shoulders, core, and more with kettlebell moves.

Best Exercise Equipment At Home: Ab roller

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A strong, stable core can change the way you do all other exercises. And if you’ve ever attempted to use an ab roller, you know how hard it works your center. To use it, get on your knees, grip the handles, roll it away from your body and while engaging your core, roll back to the starting position.

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Best Exercise Equipment At Home: Jump rope

If you’ve ever seen Ellen Adarna’s Instagram Stories, you know she’s the queen of jump rope workouts. She makes it look easy, executing each jump with grace, but this exercise can actually be pretty challenging. It’s one of the best cardio exercises out there because it builds your muscle strength and improves your coordination. Dr. John-Paul Rue told SELF, “Because it is a weight-bearing exercise, jumping rope helps build bone density by providing the needed loading of bones to help them strengthen.”

Best Exercise Equipment At Home: Medicine balls

Medicine balls can help add variety to your exercises. Often we don’t even realize it when we get used to a specific routine and we’re no longer challenging ourselves. A good “slam,” for example, lets you have fun while also working your entire body: It works your upper body muscles, strengthens your core, engages your lower body when you move your legs in between slams, and to be honest, gives you a good laugh before your next set of exercises.

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Best Exercise Equipment At Home: BOSU ball

Here’s another equipment that needs more love. A BOSU ball—which is an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a stable foundation—is so versatile. Off the top of my head, you can do Russian twists with or on it. You can put the rubber side on the floor and do mountain climbers, pushups, and planks—these will be much harder because you’ll need to balance yourself on an unstable base.

Best Exercise Equipment At Home: TRX Suspension Trainer

We have nothing but high praises for the TRX system. If you’ve ever tried using this equipment in a class, you *know* it’ll give you the kind of workout that’ll make your body hurt so good. It trains both the upper and lower body, while your core is engaged the entire time. Not going to lie: It’s more expensive than most equipment, but if you’re willing to invest in one, it’ll be the only equipment you need.

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Best Exercise Equipment At Home: Yoga mat

Ok, this is just in case you don’t have one yet, because we all know that yoga mats aren’t just for yoga! Ab workouts and exercises that require you to get on all fours can be more comfortable if you use a mat. It’s also a great supportive tool for when you’re stretching or winding down from an intense workout session.


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