These Fat Girls Doing Yoga Are So Strong And Beautiful

Yogis Dana Falsetti, Valerie Sagan, and Jessamyn Stanley are fit, flexible, and yes, fat.
PHOTO: Instagram/biggalyoga

As a society, we describe fat people as "lazy," "unhealthy," "weak," and "ugly." Fat people get shit like, "Na-try mo na bang mag-exercise?" or "Huwag ka na kasing mag-kanin." So it’s always satisfying when women like Dana Falsetti, Valerie Sagan, and Jessamyn Stanley disprove assumptions people have about fat folks being idle, especially with an exercise like yoga that’s so centered on strength and control.

It’s important to note that these women did not become yoga experts overnight. They sometimes use props that help them hold certain poses, so it’s not like you’re expected to do a headstand all on your own (if that’s something you’re worried about). Also, yoga can cater to the body type you have. We’re not going to sugarcoat it—having a bigger body changes things. For example, your center of gravity will be different and this will affect your balance. Another example is that when you have bigger arms, it’ll be more difficult to put your hands together behind your back—difficult, but not impossible. 

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1. Dana Falsetti

"I had been chasing that concept of 'I'm gonna be happier when I'm smaller' my entire life. And I know a lot of people are in that position where they just feel heavy and like nothing else matters until they lose weight. But I did that. I lost the weight. And it still didn't matter. I don't feel constricted by the way that I look anymore."

2. Valerie Sagan

"You don't have to be the stereotypical, skinny, bleach-blonde, white girl that's usually the standard that people think who yoga is for even though that really isn't the case."

3. Jessamyn Stanley

"People think that body acceptance means that you are complacent and it's literally the opposite. It's saying, 'I'm gonna be happy right now. I'm gonna stop moving towards someone else's goal and I'm just gonna be happy here. Now that I'm here, what can I do?'"

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