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Fun Workouts That Are Absolutely Free

Penny pinch your way to a healthier bod with zero spending!


Instead of spending your entire weekend trolling through vlogs and beauty channels, tune into Cassey Ho’s insanely popular Blogilates channel instead. She offers lifestyle tips, cute workout ensemble inspiration, and most importantly, exercise moves that will surely tighten your tush.

Jivamukti Yoga at Legazpi Active Park 

Yoga classes can be insanely expensive, and trekking to a studio after classes can put a strain on your stress levels too. Weekends are lighter on road traffic and lighter on the pocket. Jivamukti yoga teacher Nancy Siy offers Free For All Yoga from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. amidst trees, grass, and a super quiet city setting.

Walking, Running, and Cycling at the UP Academic Oval

It doesn't matter whether you’re from UP or not; the state university opens its wide, tree-lined streets to the public. Bring a friend for a leisurely walk around the circle (with a possible fish ball break), or train for a marathon with a high-intensity run. Got a bicycle? UP folk are kind and open to cyclists, too.

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Barre3 Online Free Trial 

Most online classes offer a two-week trial where you can get unlimited classes for free. If you’re smart about your surfing, you can get months on end filled with free workouts to try. Barre3 is a fun workout that incorporates the toning of pilates, the flexibility-building of yoga, and the grace and movement of ballet.

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Ayala Triangle Park

If the UP academic oval is too far north for you, head over to Ayala Triangle Park. This place is chockfull of runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts making the rounds. On some days, you’ll spot a group of yoga teachers playing around with fun acro yoga on the grass, too. They’ll teach you some partner moves for free!


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