The Fit Girl's Guide To Great Skin Before And After Workouts

Five things to do to get glowing, healthy skin while getting fit.
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1. Get Clean.

Before you hit the gym, take all your makeup off. While you’re at it, go over your body with a wipe or even take a quick shower to get all the grime off before you hit the weights.  Working out and getting your sweat on with a face full of foundation is a one-way ticket to clogged pores and zits—whether on your face or body.

2. Avoid Direct Contact.

You don’t know who’s been using your gym’s equipment. Every gym-goer leaves a trail of sweat, bacteria, and a whole host of gross things, so try to limit any contact between your skin and equipment like yoga mats, weights, kettle bells, and the like by bringing a towel to lay down on any mats or benches you might use.

3. Skip Hair Products.

Any product you’re using on your hair, like gel, mousse, or texturizers, can find their way to your skin when you work out. Put your hair up securely, and use a headband that wicks sweat away from your face and neck to prevent breakouts.

4. Shower After Exercising.

Seems basic, doesn’t it? But sitting around long after you cool down or staying in your sweaty workout clothes on your way home is a skin disaster waiting to happen. Lather up with a gentle, non-irritating cleanser post-workout to keep breakouts at bay.

5. Stay Hydrated.

And we don’t just mean by drinking water. A good workout can take a lot out of you, so don’t forget to replenish your skin after your shower with a light lotion that restores its moisture balance. Your post-gym radiance will be a whole new level of glowy.

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