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Here's How To Actually Go Running When It's Hot AF

Don't let the sun stop you from working on your beach bod!
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We’ve all got a million excuses to avoid going out for a run. It’s raining, there’s too little time, your running shoes are missing, and now that summer's here, it’s just too hot outside!

Sure, it's easy to make excuses, but nothing still beats that awesome feeling you can only get after a good cardio workout. Here are some easy preps you could make before going out for a run, no matter the weather:

Schedule a shower
There might be days when dry shampoo can cut it (we’ve all been there, no judging!), but on a hot summer day, you need to make sure there’s time for a cold shower after. It won't just keep you smelling fresh, but also keep your body temperature in check.

Avoid runner’s heat rash
More than the discomfort of being in the sun, some runners also suffer from runner’s heat rash, which happens when your sweat ducts become clogged and perspiration becomes trapped under your skin. You can get the tiny, itchy red bumps all over your body, especially in areas where clothing would rub against your skin. Try Fissan Extra Cool Prickly Heat Powder to soothe the prickly feeling and to keep the rashes at bay!

Wear your breeziest gear
You’ll start feeling the breeze once you get moving, and it’s a huge help in making you forget about the blazing sun. Make sure you’re decked out in dri-fit sportswear that’s not just cute, but functional too! It's also better to wear running shorts instead of leggings to restrict neither movement nor airflow.

Plan out your route
Be smart and stay away from open, unshaded jogging paths. You’ll get the same benefits from running in the shade as you will in the sun—plus, you’ll be able to conserve energy better! This could be a great opportunity to explore a new route and keep things interesting. Changing things up in your running routine could add a new challenge to your workout, too!

Don’t forget to hydrate
Before, during, and after your run, make sure you’re well hydrated! Consistency is key in order for you to reap the benefits of any workout—and you can’t quite be consistent if you end up suffering from fatigue, exhaustion, or heatstroke. Listen to your body and gulp down some water whenever you need it.

Prep your playlist
Studies have shown that having your choice of music as a background to your run actually helps! While it won’t necessarily make the run easier, it will definitely make it more enjoyable. Think of it as a distraction, or something to keep you motivated.

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