Here's How To Train Like A Victoria's Secret Angel

Pro tips from Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Behati Prinsloo, and more!
PHOTO: Getty

With the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show just around the corner, you may be wondering: How hard do the Angels work to get their super solid body? The answer? Really, really hard. Here's what you need to know to #TrainLikeAnAngel.

It's never too early to hit the gym...

Or too late.

Staying in all day is no excuse to skip your workout...

And neither is going on holiday.

Ballet can be your best friend...

But equally, so can boxing.

When you aren't sure you can face another gym session, a mascot can help.

And so can printing your motto on your kit.

When all else fails, get some professional help.

Or bring friends.

Remember, fitness should be fun.

But never forget, there may be blood.

And finally, posing for the cameras can count as a workout, but only if it's really, really impressive


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