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Here's The Workout You Must Do When You Need A Confidence Boost

And when you need to stop feeling stressed or depressed.

Exercise has a lot of health benefits. It's not just about how it affects your body by boosting your metabolism and burning calories. It's also about how it affects your mind. It relieves you of stress, improves the quality of your sleep, boosts your mood, and helps keep your mind sharp. Mental health plays a role in living a happy life and being able to make the most out of it.

While working out in general when you're feeling low can do you some good, Scott Laidler, a personal trainer and development coach, told the most appropriate exercises that we can do for issues we experience, like suffering from a low self-esteem or depression.

1. When you're feeling lonely: Group sports.

Group sports are made of teams, and that'll help you make new friends and feel like you're part of something big with them, according to Scott. Research has also found that people who've become part of a sports team have improved social lives and increased confidence.


If you're not confident about how athletic you are or if you think you're really not very athletic, you can learn a sport or workout with a friend or two. Company is the key factor here.

2. When you're stressed: Martial arts.

Scott says that hitting a punching bag can stimulate the release of endorphins, the happy hormone, that'll alleviate stress and give us an outlet for our pent up frustrations. (This didn't become cliche for nothing; it helps!)

3. When you're anxious: Yoga.

Yoga is perfect for calming you down, since it reduces levels of adrenaline and other stress hormones that cause you to feel worried or nervous. Scott says that yoga is "mindful" so that can positively affect the way you look at life. It can even teach you to let go of the things you can't control

4. When you're depressed: Walking.

Getting out of bed is difficult for people suffering depression, so walking is a good way to get active without exerting a lot of effort. A scenic place to walk to will lift up your spirits, and so will walking with a friend.

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5. When you have low self-esteem: Strength training.

Strength training is best for building self-esteem because it'll help you track your progress as you see how your body is changing, as you feel how stronger you're becoming, and as you move on to heavier dumbbells. You're bound to feel better and better as you go along!

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