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How To Make Workouts More Fun So You'll Never Be Tamad To Move Again

Let's put the 'U' in 'FUN'!
how to make workouts more fun
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I get it. There are times when you just can't even have the energy to do a one-minute plank. That, my friend, happens to the best of us. We all have blah days when a workout seems like a Herculeanean task rather than an activity that will help motivate us to be "that girl." 

One step you could try first is finding your "why" or your major reason for getting fit. Mine is so I could be strong to carry heavy stuff. So I won't need to ask for assistance from someone else. I also aim to boost my immune system. (TL;DR: My why's are strength and health.) When you've determined your number one reason to get fit, incorporating workouts and having a balanced diet in your daily routine would be easy.

Now that we have tackled the ~*serious*~ stuff, let's discuss how we can make the process of getting fit and strong more enjoyable. Here are some things you can try:

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How to Make Working Out A Fun And More Enjoyable Experience

  1. The night before, take a fiber supplement.

    Your body will feel lighter if you have good digestive health. A fiber supplement like this should be included in your morning routine.

    TRIZIE Fiber Complete Jelly STARTER PACK

    TRIZIE Fiber Complete Jelly STARTER PACK (5 sachets), P695


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  2. Find a workout or activity you like

    Of course, the core of everything is the workout itself! It can be as simple as walking or as intense as a HIIT workout. Do a fitness activity that won't bore you or dread every second of it.

  3. Wear a bra that *really* supports you

    Another way to motivate yourself is to put on cute activewear. Pick a sports bra with an aesthetic style that's also designed to support your boobs. We also recommend leggings that allow you to achieve moves without worrying about it ripping.

    Adidas PowerImpact Luxe Training Medium Support Bra

    Adidas PowerImpact Luxe Training Medium Support Bra, P2,700, Adidas


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  4. Rely on a good deodorant.

    Smelling good should be the least of your worries. Turn to a deodorant that will keep your underarms dry and won't stain your clothes.

    NIVEA Deodorant Black & White Clear Anti-Perspirant Spray

    NIVEA Deodorant Black & White Clear Anti-Perspirant Spray, P226, Lazada


  5. Get a workout buddy

    Ask your BFF to try working out with, even if you two are just in your respectful homes. Knowing that someone is on the fitness journey with you makes your commitment more accountable. You two can check up on each other's progress and send motivation quotes, too!

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  6. Go outdoors.

    Now that we're pretty much more confident to go outside again, maybe you could engage yourself in outdoor activities. Running, hiking, and biking are just some you could try. Don't forget to wear a mask that's breathable but at the same time, provides protection for you.

    The MASQ Collection MASQ AIR Prime Pink Mask Kit, P165, Lazada


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  7. Choose a playlist

    Make difficult tasks more enjoyable when you play cool beats in the background.  Spotify has different workout playlists in various genres from pop to indie.

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