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4 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Before Christmas

Time to make space for that Noche Buena feast!

1. Exercise regularly.
No more excuses! Drag yourself to the gym or run around your village for at least 30 minutes a day. Working out at home? Try these:

Farewell Flappy Arms! Arm Workouts For Sleeveless Season
Toodles, Thunder Thighs! Leg-Toning Exercises
Booty Babe: How To Get A Firm Butt
12 Exercises To Tone Your Tummy
15-Minute Exercises You Can Do In Your Room

2. Eat smaller portions.
You don’t have to starve yourself completely, but it helps to practice portion control. Next time you reach for a second serving during a meal, ask yourself, “Am I really still hungry?” Also, take note of what you eat (Read: 5 Things You Should Eat To Lose Weight).

3. Avoid eating out.
You tend to eat more when you dine out. Staying in also means spending less money and avoiding Christmas traffic, so it’s a win-win! Try preparing one of these home-cooked recipes.

4. Cut back on sweets.
Your kitchen counter will probably be full of cakes, pastries, and other desserts this month. Take a bite or two, but don't finish a whole plate. (Need convincing? Read: 6 Truths About Sugar You May Not Know About).


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