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8 Active Pinay Celebs + Their Go-To Workouts

Let these local celebs inspire you to start moving again.

Somewhere in the world, there are people who wake up before their alarms, are energized without needing two cups of coffee, and can spend an hour every day exercising before clocking in for work. I don't know those people. 

My morning strategy of not falling back to sleep is listing all the things I need to do for work and using that torment to will me out of bed. Then, I check my email while I have two (very large) cups of black coffee. And sometime before lunch, when I can feel my back hurting from sitting in front of a laptop, I squeeze in a light workout—unless I have a meeting or I'm exhausted or taking a nap is just too tempting.

But in an effort to get myself to prioritize my health and because I know I'm not alone in lacking motivation to exercise, here are some Pinay celebs you can follow on Instagram if you need a little push to work out these days. 

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A list of Pinoy celebs who'll motivate you to work out

Bea Alonzo

Bea has talked about making 2021 her best year yet—health-wise. The actress shared that in May, she made changes in her diet, gradually lowering her calorie intake from 1,800 to 1,200. On top of that, she and her coach have spent weeks re-establishing basic movement patterns and working on corrective exercises; these corrective exercises were to accommodate Bea's experience with neck and knee pain.

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Camille Prats

The mom of three has talked about how much the past year has been such a game changer for her in terms of fitness and health. Though she's always been active, the pandemic encouraged Camille to push her limits, with husband VJ Yambao encouraging her to try weight training. On top of that, Camille also does Barre3, which consists of three workouts: barre, yoga, and pilates, which helps with flexibility, toning, and lengthening. Wow!

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Jennelyn Mercado 

Ok, if there's *anyone* who'll get you off your ass, it's Jen, okay!!! Every time I see her on my feed, I make a mental note to save up for a reformer. But she does more than just pilates: The actress goes scuba diving, biking, circuit training, to name a few. And she does these in really cute outfits (para sa mga kailangan ng OOTDs para mag-work out—I get it). 

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Kris Bernal

You already know how much we ~*respect*~ Kris' hustle, especially when it comes to fitness. In August 2020, Kris started posting videos featuring her different fitness routines. The first #KRISMADEMEDOIT vlog is a 30-minute, full-body, HIIT workout, perfect for people who are trying to "burn calories, shed unwanted pounds, and develop muscles from head to toe." More than, though, Kris regularly posts encouraging content, reminding people to stop body-shaming, and we love her for that.  

Kim Chiu

Another woman who never seems to run out of energy is Kimmy! As in hanggang sa Balesin getaway niya with Xian, nag-work out class sila! That's dedication, you guys. Kim *loves* jump rope exercises, running, boxing, and other cardio moves you can easily do indoors. These days, her priority is to strengthen her lungs 'cause we're still in a pandemic!! 

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Solenn Heussaff

If you are huge fans of Sos like we are, you *know* that she documented her fitness journey under the hashtag #RoadToMe. When she started exercising again after giving birth, Solenn focused on setting realistic goals and staying kind to herself—two things we should never forget no matter what fitness level we're in. These days, she's been lifting weights and training hard in her garage (in case you've also been thinking about finally building your at-home gym). 

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Andi Eigenmann

Andi is currently in Phase 2 of her fitness challengeMany of her go-to exercise moves lean towards cardio: squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, mountain climbers, and lunges. Eventually, she added a jump rope to her routine, too. On days when she feels unmotivated, she lets herself rest—listening to your body is lesson number one, bb! In Phase 2 of this challenge, Andi follows YouTube workout tutorials to add variety to her exercises.

Aubrey Miles

No workout motivation listicle is complete without Aubrey; that's just a universal truth, lol. Honestly, her entire feed is such a soothe scroll 'cause all you'll see are exercise moves and plants. CAN IT GET BETER THAN THAT? Absolutely not. Follow #amilesworkout and get lovely messages like, "Don't wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself...Be proud during the process, it's the fun part" while you're working up a sweat.

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