Selena Gomez Reveals The Secret To Her Perfect Skin And Toned Body

Burrito sweat bed, anyone?
PHOTO: Instagram/revivaltour

Ever wonder how Selena Gomez manages to always look bodysuit-ready? And don't even get us started on her skin. It's like she was spared by Father Time and puberty. 

Her secret? A SWEAT BED. In an interview with ELLE, Selena reveals, "I started going to a place called Shape House, and you lay in these beds in a sweatsuit, and they wrap you up and you sweat for 45 minutes and it releases all the toxins off your body, and you kind of feel… kind of the equivalent of a sauna, but it gets your heart rate up, and it gets everything flowing in your body. It's changed my skin, it's kind of changed my body as well, so it feels really good. That's kind of been something that works for me personally."

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Selena even bought her own sweat bed for her epic The Revival Tour: "I'm horrible at discipline when it comes to working out. I'm one of those people who's like, 'Ah, I ran for five minutes. I think I'm good.' I have [my own] sweat bed... Just little things to kind of keep me healthy and keep me focused."

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Selena looked ~*flawless*~ during her concert at the Mall of Asia Arena last Sunday night, so we think we can all agree that her sweat bed is pure magic! 

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