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5 Ways To Be Less Insecure And More Motivated At The Gym

PHOTO: Nick Onken

One of the biggest reasons most people don’t go to the gym is because they feel insecure about being there. There’s a lot of anxiety about feeling like you’re on display or you’re not performing well enough or you don’t deserve to be there because you don’t look a certain way. And when you do finally go, it’s because you hate your body so much that you’ll try anything to change it. It could work for a while but it isn’t a sustainable or healthy way to approach fitness.

Try these tips instead:

1. Focus on your well-being and not your weight loss.

Think of weight loss as just a side effect of what happens to your body while you’re training to reach its full potential. You’re there to improve your strength and develop your stamina. It’s not about how you look but about how far, how high, and how long you can go.


Take it from Rocky!

2. Ditch your #bodygoals board!

You know which ones we’re talking about. You’ll probably never have Kendall’s legs but believe us, yours are just as strong, just as impressive, and just as beautiful. We tend to compare ourselves, especially our progress, to other people at the gym. It’s important to recognize your own body’s abilities. The only comparing you should be doing is when you see your improvements.

3. Take note of your achievements.

Did you finally do one pull-up? Are you now doing a full push-up instead of a modified one? Sure, other people might scoff but you can tell those people to get lost. IT COUNTS! Keep track of your progression and celebrate even the smallest ones!

4. Accept the judgment.

We’re not saying you’ll be judged, but if it happens, it happens. You can be judged anywhere and anytime—for being fat, for being slow, for falling over, for not knowing how to adjust equipment. The list is endless, but it isn’t a reflection of you! Every person who’s ever done something new has failed a million times. KEEP GOING.

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5. Boast about yourself to yourself!

Sometimes, it’s not just about doing better next time. It can also be something like, “OMG! Nagawa ko na, finally! ACHIEVE! Bukas ulit.”

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