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Would You Join A Naked Yoga Class?

Not sure if liberating or creepy.

Who wants to work out without their clothes on in a room full of strangers?

Believe it or not, there’s a studio in New York City that offers just that: nude, co-ed yoga classes. Bold & Naked studio aims to provide students with a new way to focus on celebrating their bodies. The classes are not meant to be sexually evocative in any way. They are merely encouraging participants to be comfortable in their own skin and to boost their confidence.

According to the studio’s website, "Practicing yoga naked frees you from negative feelings about your body and allows [you] to be more accepting and deeper connected with yourself and the world around you." They even added a disclaimer stating, "IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ORGASM, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE."

Okay, noted. Looks like it really is a legit place after all! But, would you be bold enough (pun intended) to join this class? Let us know by commenting below!


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