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You *Need* To Wash Your Hands After Doing These 6 Things

You might be forgetting to do so after petting your furbaby.

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Be honest: When was the last time you washed your hands, Cosmo Girls? If you’re still not diligently cleansing your hands these days, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. After all, we rely on them for practically everything and they’re frequently exposed to germs and unwanted elements. 

We know you take good care of yourselves, but just to be ~extra~ safe, here’s a list of simple activities you have to remember to wash your hands after doing:

1. Accepting food delivery or packages

Nowadays, it’s better to get your food delivered than to dine outside since it lessens your exposure to various health threats. But ICYDK, going for food delivery does not entirely eliminate risks. This is because you can never tell how many hands have touched your food and its container before it reaches your doorstep. The same goes for all the items you shop online.

2. Playing with your pets

You likely spoil your furbabies with regular baths and clean beds. Nonetheless, pets tend to get themselves in situations that are anything but sanitary. The germs that find their way to your pet’s fur can then be transmitted to your hands every time you play with them. Yikes!

3. Blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

The mucus from your nose often contains nasty elements your body is trying to expel. Similarly, coughing and sneezing are ways through which our body gets rid of unwanted particles and irritants. When you don’t wash up after blowing your nose or after covering your mouth during a cough, you allow these particles to re-enter your system. And trust us, that’s not what you want to do!

4. Handling anything ~*food*~

Sure, you wash your hands before and after enjoying your fave ube cheese pan de sal, just as you were taught by your parents and teachers. But as you take on a more active role in food prep, remember to sanitize before, during, and after each step of cooking or baking at home. This will help ensure that your dishes are yummy *and* sanitary.

5. Working out

Nothing perks us up better than a good sweat sesh! But even if you’re sticking to working out at home, remember to wash up after exercising. This will help you stay fresh and keep your hands clean and sanitized, especially if your routine involves you getting your hands on the floor.

6. Running errands outside

Despite our greatest efforts to not touch anything outside, many circumstances require the use of our hands whenever we’re running errands—from using ATMs and doorknobs to paying with cash and receiving change. As a general rule, anything others have touched could be carrying unseen elements that can make you sick, so be careful out there!

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