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I Tried A Korean Tone-Up Cream To See If It Could Give Me Glowing Skin

Is it worth it?
is tone up cream worth it
PHOTO: Courtesy of Patricia Melliza

K-Beauty has long been a mainstay in the Philippines. By now, I'm pretty sure that BB creams and cushion compacts aren't new to you. Koreans love using these base products to achieve flawless-looking skin. But have you ever heard of tone-up creams yet? 

What exactly is a tone-up cream? 

A tone-up cream is a makeup-skincare hybrid. Essentially, it improves the appearance of your skin toneit brightens the complexion while minimizing discolorations, creating that "chok chok" look. It's best applied after your last skincare stepYou can use it on its own or as a makeup base. 

In pursuit of glowing skin, I decided to try using a tone-up cream! I purchased Peripera's Milk Blur Tone Up Cream, which has been getting *rave* reviews online. 

Are tone-up creams worth it? Here's what I think: 

What is the Peripera Milk Blur Rosy Tone Up Cream? 

This lightweight tone-up cream from K-Beauty brand Peripera promises to provide "visibly even texture and vibrant skin tone." It comes in four varieties: 02 Velvet (Blurring), 03 Rose (Brightening), 04 Glow (Glass skin), and 05 Cica (Sensitive skincare). It's also enriched with Clean Milk Complex, which is a blend of soy, rice, and oat milk, to keep the skin ~moisturized~. The best thing about it is it protects your skin from being damaged by both UVB and UVA rays. 

is tone up cream worth it?
Courtesy of Patricia Melliza

Peripera Milk Blur Rosy Tone Up SPF 50+, PA+++ 03 Rosy, P620 

I got the 03 Rose because it had a pinkish tint—I was able to swatch it in the department store and I noticed that it wasn't *too* light for my medium skin tone. Plus, the saleslady recommended this particular variant to me since I have combination skin. 

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I'm happy to report that its creamy formula doesn't feel greasy on the skin. 

Courtesy of Patricia Melliza

Look at that ~*glow*~. Check out its dewy finish: 

is tone up cream worth it?
Courtesy of Patricia Melliza

How much is the Peripera Milk Blur Rosy Tone Up and where can you buy it? 

The Peripera Milk Blur Rosy Tone Up costs P620. It's available at the SM Department store, Watsons, and Shopee


As you already know, I have a medium skin tone, so I carefully applied the tone-up cream in layers, using small amounts, to avoid looking like a ~ghost~. LOL. I used my fingers to blend the product, gently tapping it in. I learned this from YouTuber Soo Beauty. According to her, the tapping motion will make the tone-up cream appear more natural and flawless.

I was impressed with the results! The tone-up cream brightened my complexion while giving my skin a healthy glow, thanks to its pinkish tint. 

tone up cream
Courtesy of Patricia Melliza | I'm wearing the Peripera Milk Blur Rosy Tone Up Cream

As mentioned earlier, it didn't feel heavy and sticky on the face, so it's perfect for those chill, no-makeup days. Plus, its luminous finish helped minimize my dark circles, making me look well-rested. 

It didn't help cover up my acne marks. However, it did sit well under makeup! I tried using it with my go-to foundation. The only downside is that it has flashbacks, so I wouldn't recommend using this if you're heading to a night out. 

Is it worth it? 

Totally! Ever since I tried it, I've been using it as a brightening primer. I love how it makes my skin glow. Plus, a little goes a long way, so it's quite matipid to use, too!


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