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20 K-Drama Love Quotes That Will Give You All The ~*Feels*~

20 K-Drama Love Quotes That Will Give You All The Feels
PHOTO: Business Proposal/SBS

There is no doubt that romance K-dramas have raised our standards when it comes to love. Actually, even if the genre does not mainly focus on romance, dramas that have couples would always make our hearts feel so warm and wish we could have a relationship like theirs. From the moment a character has started to develop such *unexplainable* feelings, to the mutual pining process (which is a bit agonizing for the viewers, making us scream "Don't you realize yet how much you love each other???"), the "sana all" confession scenes, to even when they're already together, these series really have a way of making our hearts ~melt~ with such memorable lines.

Here are some K-drama love quotes that made us feel *kilig*:

1. "It is written here: I will go this far just to see you. I can do anything if it means being able to see you. And this is my reply: I also missed you."Alchemy Of Souls

Alchemy Of Souls
Alchemy Of Souls/tvN

2. "If I imagine that I'm sitting here working next to you, even awful tasks like these turn into something beautiful. Work becomes bearable."My Liberation Notes

3. "Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit. There's no limit at all."Business Proposal

Business Proposal
Business Proposal/SBS

4. "You're someone who I always want to get to know. That's why I want to see you." Yumi's Cells

5. "Two pairs of shoes by the door, two toothbrushes in the bathroom, and two aprons in the kitchen. Everything will be in pairs. In a house where we keep those, will you enjoy today, tomorrow, and all of your time with me?"Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

K-dramas by Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha director Yoo Je Won
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6. "Whatever you do, or no matter how you look, I'm in love with you for who you are."Twenty Five, Twenty One

7. "I'm happy just being with you. For me to be happy, I have to be with you!" Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Extraordinary Attorney Woo/ENA

8. "But just the thought of waiting for her makes me feel warm and tingly for some reason. It feels kind of nice. It's not bad. It's strange."Our Blues

9. "You're my first love."Love In Contract

10. "It wasn't a mistake. And I don't regret it. I like you."The Interest Of Love

11. "I guess I wanted to see you love me. I wanted to see you love only me."Our Beloved Summer

Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik in Our Beloved Summer

12. "I'd always feel like something very important was missing. And I had trouble sleeping. But you found that for me. The missing piece."Crash Course In Romance

13. "Love is what can make even the roughest person become as soft as the sand on the beach."Nevertheless


14. "You're already perfect. You're the only one who doesn't know that."At A Distance, Spring Is Green

15. "Love me to the point that you want to destroy the world for me."Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service
Doom at your service/tvn

16. "Young Ro, you bloomed flowers inside me who was so cold."Snowdrop

17. "I thought I would not mind quietly disappearing from this world. But you made me want to live. I have always found it uncomfortable being with someone, but I like having you around. Seeing you hurt makes me angry. This is me saying I love you."My Roommate Is A Gumiho

My Roommate Is A Gumiho cast interview
Courtesy of IQIYI

18. "When I see you, I want to hold you and hug you. Just like them. I like you."Once Upon A Small Town

19. "The way you looked at me made me feel like I could do anything with you by my side." Forecasting Love And Weather


20. "I'll do it. I'll be your executioner. I'll join the hunt. Just tell me. What should I do first? What do you want next? Who can I kill for you right now?"The Glory

Lee Do Hyun
The Glory/Netflix

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