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12 Korean Celebrities Who Are *Capricorns* Just Like You

PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/yejinhand, INSTAGRAM/joshu_acoustic

Zodiac signs are a *great way* to discover someone's personality. Let's take Capricorns (born between December 22 to January 20) as an example: Those under this Earth sign are known to be determined, hardworking, ambitious, and strong. With these mentioned traits, you can already think of how great they are as friends and colleagues. They put 100% of themselves into what they are doing, so you can always expect great outputs from them.

Just like in any other profession, our favorite Korean celebrities who are Capricorns also display these characteristics. No wonder they are admired by many! Let's get to know them when you scroll down.

Korean actors and K-pop idols who are Capricorns

1. BTS' V - December 30, 1995

V is known as a great performer. He is praised not only by BTS fans but also by his fellow K-pop idols because of his strong stage presence and notable facial expressions. He's a good actor, too, having appeared in the K-drama Hwarang back in 2016. One thing that is guaranteed: V will never disappoint!


2. Son Ye Jin - January 11, 1982

Son Ye Jin is an actress that is loved around the world. She has established a career with her outstanding acting prowess, paired with her fierce dedication to her job. Ye Jin portrayed diverse roles throughout her entire career and her works earned her much-deserved stature in the industry.

3. SEVENTEEN's Joshua - December 30, 1995

Joshua is very passionate when it comes to his craft, proving his huge love for music. When he's not performing onstage as a member of SEVENTEEN, he has a lot of hobbies including reading, playing the guitar, and watching movies. We stan a busy man who can manage to do the other things that he loves!

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4. Lee Seung Gi - January 13, 1987

Lee Seung Gi has been in the industry for a long time. Other celebrities excel in one field but he's talented in many! If you give him a role in a series. he will give justice to it. If you let him sing, get ready to fall in love with his voice. He can also host, which further proves his versatility. No doubt he's the OG crush of Hallyu fans!

5. BLACKPINK's Jisoo - January 3, 1995

The eldest member of BLACKPINK perfectly shows the traits of a Capricorn. Prior to debuting as a K-pop idol, she already appeared in music videos and commercials. Jisoo also got her first main role in the K-drama, Snowdrop. Her enthusiasm leads her to a lot of opportunities, making her more admirable as an individual.


6. 2PM's Taecyeon - December 27, 1988

If you've been in the Hallyu world for quite some time, Taecyeon would be no stranger to you. Aside from being a member of the K-pop group 2PM, he's also an actor (your first encounter with him might be in Dream High!). Academically, Taecyeon has attended Korea University's Graduate School of International Studies and has a Business Administration degree from Dankook University.

7. aespa's Winter - January 1, 2001

Here comes the youngest one on the list! Winter is a member of aespa, a K-pop girl group that might be young in the industry but has already proven a lot. She brings a special charm to the quartet, plus her powerful voice is definitely on the ~next level~.

8. Hwang In Yeop - January 19, 1991

Hwang In Yeop's claim to fame is the K-drama True Beauty. In one interview, the actor said that his own method of staying grounded is by drawing a mind map where he writes his thoughts and simplifies them. He is also someone who enjoys and trusts the process. In Yeop expressed that if he's good at something, it will show when the time comes.

9. WINNER's Hoony - January 11, 1992

WINNER's main dancer participated in the first season of K-Pop Star where he placed fourth. Aside from being a *dancing machine,*, Hoony also loves writing lyrics and creating TikTok videos.  Another thing you'll notice about him is his good fashion sense where he can easily pull off different styles.


10. Lee Bo Young - January 12, 1979

Having been in the industry for so long, Lee Bo Young is already an icon of her own. This Capricorn has many achievements connected to her name apart from her acting career. As a graduate of Korean Literature, Bo Young became a published author in 2015. She's also a beauty queen and a philanthropist—a certified beauty with a purpose!

11. TWICE's Sana - December 29, 1996

Capricorns are also known to be dependable and goal-oriented. Such characteristics are present in Sana. It can be observed in the level of comfort her TWICE members show every time they are with her. This K-pop idol has the visual and talent but she doesn't settle with just that—she always gives her best and it's noticeable in her performances.

12. EXO's D.O. - January 12, 1993

Aside from being an EXO member who is great at singing, D.O. is also known as an actor who delivers his roles impressively. It doesn't stop there: He also cooks well and he has a culinary license!



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