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7 Must-Try Korean Food Combos That We Think About All The Time

BRB, drooling!
7 Must-Try Korean Food Combos

Food scenes are abundant in K-dramas and we can't help but drool and cave in each time the camera focuses on the delish Korean fried chicken. We bet you also have a *strong* urge to go to the nearest convenience store after watching Deok Sun devour that bowl of ramyeon in Reply 1988. There's a bit of a problem though: It's 1 a.m. so you have no choice but to go back to bed and delay your cravings. We've all been there so to save you from these countless moments of torture...

Here's a list of Korean food combos that will satisfy your K-ravings during your next K-drama binge:

1. Chimaek

Chimaek, a combination of chicken and maekju (or beer in Korean), is the perfect pair to end a very busy week. They go so well that you'll imagine you're watching the sunset in the Han river with your friends. A can in one hand and a piece of crispy fried chicken in the other—a match made in heaven! Lee Dam from My Roommate Is A Gumiho would agree.


CRISPIEST EVER! Chimaek | Korean Fried Chicken and Beer by Chef Jia Choi

2. Rabokki

Rabokki is an upgraded version of spicy rice cake more known as tteokbokki, with ramyeon noodles as the main highlight amongst other irresistible toppings you can add. It's a versatile late-night snack with toppings that can be altered in different ways to cater to your own preference and make it your own!

Pro tip: Melted mozzarella cheese is an amazing addition to rabokki. You can also add anything else that you believe will pair well with the sauce. Dumplings? Fish cake? Both? Always a yes!

5 Minute RABOKKI l Tteokbokki with Ramyun (Korean Spicy Rice Cake with Ramyun Noodles)

3. Tteokbokki and gimmari

Because we can't get enough of carbs (and more tteokbokki), pairing it with a few pieces of gimmari on the side is a delicious way to elevate your experience. Glass noodles are rolled between nori sheets to make gimmari, which is then deep-fried in a light batter. It offers a delightful crunch that goes well with the tteokbokki's soft and chewy texture and is ideal for soaking up the sauce. It'll undeniably give you a burst of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors in one bite. We can't blame Hae Yi if she doesn't want to share hers in Crash Course In Romance.

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TTEOKBOKKI & GIMMARI | Korean spicy rice cake & fried glass noodle seaweed rolls | cooking diary 45

4. Roasted sweet potatoes and kimchi

Imagine eating camote with kimchi. Yep, we also raised an eyebrow at this one. As Filipinos, this is one of those ridiculously unexpected combinations any of us will either like or dislike. But because it's so simple to make, we're confident you'll grow to love it over time. It's perfect if you're on a tight budget but also craving a taste of South Korea + it's so easy to eat! It won't get in your way of reading subtitles while watching your fave K-drama.

Real Mukbang:) Roasted Sweet Potato to begin with, Korean Spicy Chicken to end (ft. White kimchi)

5. Jeon and makgeolli

They say Koreans love eating jeon (Korean pancake) made with scallions (called pa) and pairing it with makgeolli (rice wine) as they are reminded of the sound of rainfall when frying pancakes on the stove. This pair is a must-try on lazy days especially when we can hear the rain splattering on our roofs. Makes us want to cozily lie to our sofas to tune in to the series we're watching and enjoy this pair with gusto.


On a rainy day, seafood pajeon, makgeolli, and some dongtaejeon / Eating Sound, MUKBANG ASMR

6. Samgyupsal and soju

Korean BBQ or samgyupsal is an all-time favorite food to pair with soju. It's best eaten with your loved ones due to its large and unlimited servings. But when you're craving it on days you're binge-watching that series that's on your to-watch list, don't worry—there are lots of restaurants these days that offer samgyup in a box. Simply get your grilled meat, dip it in gochujang sauce, place it in a lettuce wrap, and pop it in your mouth. Then drink that glass of soju. Geonbae!

How I enjoy Samgyupsal like a Korean boss

7. Jjajangmyeon and yellow pickled radish

Some people enjoy topping their jjajangmyeon with a fried egg. Others enjoy adding gochugaru (or red chili powder) for a spicy kick. But one of the arguably best pairs for jjajangmyeon is the yellow pickled radishes that we often see in K-dramas. We don't want you to drool as we did when Doo Joon ravished this Korean-Chinese cuisine in Let's Eat.


The BEST Korean Noodles, Jjajangmyeon Black Bean Noodles Recipe

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