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Looking For *Easy* Korean Seaweed Dishes To Try? Check These Out

Presenting: Basic colorful dishes to whip up with the healthy and tasty ingredient.
Korean Seaweed Dishes To Try

New year, new resolutions, right? And aside from travel, career, and life goals, one of the things you might thinking about is working on your health or fitness. Personally, I've started tracking my steps (aiming for 10K/day) and looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate healthy foods into my diet. And since I resolved to discover and consume more of what I love, I also decided to find food that's both tasty and healthful. On the top of my list is Korean food.

One Korean health food that you may not have considered before is seaweed. You might think it's just decorative (like in ramyeon) or used as a wrapper (like in gimbap). However, it's not only useful, delicious, and versatile, but it also packs a punch of health benefits. In fact, according to Pinterest Predicts, seaweed as a superfood will be one of the biggest 2023 trends.

What are the different types of seaweed?

Different kinds of seaweed are used in a variety of Korean dishes. One of the most popular types of seaweed in the cuisine is called "gim" or dried seaweed sheets. You'll also spot these as "laver" or "nori" in grocery stores. These sheets are often used to wrap sushi or rice, and can also be torn or cut into small pieces and added to soups or stews. Another popular type of seaweed is "miyeok", which is a type of seaweed that is often used in soups.


How Seaweed Harvesters Create One of Korea's Most Precious Fine Dining Ingredients — Vendors

In addition to being a delicious ingredient, seaweed is a great source of iodine, which is important for thyroid function and can help to regulate metabolism. It is also a good source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help to protect against disease. Additionally, seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, and vitamin K. These are all the reasons why this ingredient is worth a try!

There are several ways to cook seaweed, and below, you'll find three easy dishes you can make this year:

For rice lovers: Gimbap (rice roll)

This is a traditional Korean dish that consists of cooked rice, vegetables, and meat wrapped in a sheet of roasted seaweed. It comes in assorted shapes, sizes, and fillings, but the most basic one is the hand-rolled gimbap with seasoned rice and strips of carrots, eggs, spinach or cucumber, yellow radish (danmuji), and kimchi or meat like ham, bulgogi beef, or tuna.

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How to Wrap Korean Gimbab | Beautiful Gimbab | Vegetable Gimbab, Tuna Gimbab, Cheese Gimbab

If you want to try an easier form of this dish, try the folded gimbap by Dong Geu Rami in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Woo Young-woo tries Dong Geu-ra-mi’s special gimbap | Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 8 [ENG SUB]

For recovery: Miyeok guk (seaweed soup)

This traditional Korean soup is often served to new mothers as it is believed to have health benefits for lactation. In honor of their moms who consumed miyeok guk after childbirth, it's also traditional for Koreans to have it on their birthday. Outside of the milestones, it's simply a comforting soup you can have year-round but especially during cold days.

Korean Seaweed soup (Miyeok guk) by Chef Jia Choi

Pro tip: Take it from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha's Yoon Hye Jin and go easy on the salt! The dried seaweeds (and dried anchovies if you're using it) are already seasoned, so you may not need to add much extra salt.

Shin Min-a surprises Kim Seon-ho with birthday seaweed soup | Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Ep 13 [ENG SUB]

For vegetarians: Miyeok muchim (seaweed salad)

This refreshing salad can be a meal for plant-based eaters or a side dish for those looking for a balanced meal. It's usually served together with heavier Korean dishes. The sweet and sour flavors complement greasy dishes well and either serve as an appetizer or palate cleanser.


Miyeok Muchim, Korean Seaweed Salad - Crazy Korean Cooking EXPRESS

Why not give these seaweed recipes a try this new year and enjoy the delicious flavors and health benefits that they have to offer. Happy cooking!


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