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Yum! These Donuts ~Inspired~ By Korean Street Food Will Satisfy Your K-ravings

Poison Doughnuts' newest flavors take after modern Korean food.
LOOK: Poison Doughnut's Korean-Style Flavors
PHOTO: Instagram/poisondoughnuts

Korean pop culture is taking over the world, breathing its distinct fire across different worlds—pop music, makeup, our TV screens, you name it. That, of course, extends to the food realm, with the popularity of Korean dishes in these parts; We're talking everything from classic bibimbap and K-BBQ to more modern eats like Korean fried chicken. We're all for the Korean penchant for hearty fare that is bold, fiery, and sweet in the right amounts. Now imagine that Korean flavor magic, translated into doughnuts. You're not dreaming. These new treats from Poison Doughnuts pay homage to the vibrant tastes of Korean street food!

Check out the new Korean-style flavors from doughnut shop Poison:

Poison Doughnuts takes popular Korean street eats and reimagines them as doughnuts served on a stick. We know, we know—cue head scratch as Korean street food tends to be on the savory side—but they manage to infuse those savory elements into the fried pastries in ways that we've gotta say are so clever.


The Dakgangjeong (P180), for one, goes for a raspberry gochujang glaze and toppings of roasted sesame seeds and white chocolate inspired by the spicy-sweet chicken dish. The Jjajangmyeon (P180) takes after the black-bean noodle dish of the same name, translated as doughnuts with a custard filling, chunjang (black bean paste)-chocolate glaze, and nori flakes. Finally, the Patjuk Honey Butter (P180)-named after and inspired by the trendy Korean potato chip flavor and the traditional red-bean porridge-has their custard doughnuts glazed with honey butter, a red-bean sauce, and crushed potato chips. Why not complete the experience by digging into these pastries while watching your fave K-drama?

Poison Doughnuts korean flavor doughnuts, dakjangeong
Dakgangjeong (glazed Korean fried chicken) gets reimagined as doughnuts with a raspberry-gochujang glaze. 
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
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Poison Doughnuts korean flavor doughnuts, jajangmyeon
The chocolate + black bean flavored Jajangmyeon doughnuts are every bit as dark and schmexy as their namesake. 
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
Poison Doughnuts korean flavor doughnuts, patjuk honey butter
The Patjuk Honey Butter has our savory-sweet loving heart. 
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

Drooling as much as we are? These doughnuts are available at Poison's outposts in Karrivin Plaza and Power Plant Mall's The Grid. You can also order for delivery on their website or through delivery apps (Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo).

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts is a local doughnut brand known for their handcrafted doughnuts in out-of-this-world flavors. The brand opened as a small shop at The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, Makati in 2017, and has since then pretty much changed the way we look at doughnuts forever.

Poison Doughnuts is at The Alley at Karrivin, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City, and The Grid Food Market, L/R2, Power Plant Mall, Makati City. For delivery orders, visit Poison Doughnuts on or the Tasteless Food Group's website. You can also find Poison Doughnuts on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo. For more information, check out Poison Doughnuts' Facebook page.



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