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Channel Your Inner BLINK: 5 Ways to Prepare For the Concert Weekend!

Show the world that you are BORN PINK!
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Since debuting back in 2016 and getting that coveted “Monster Rookie” title from avid Hallyu fans and award shows alike, BLACKPINK has been on a meteoric rise. And with their easy-to-follow choreos, catchy songs, charming chemistry, and an undeniable love for fashion, there’s no doubt that this K-Pop group has what it takes to conquer the music world, and beyond.

It's finally time for the Filo BLINKs to witness the BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] MANILA in the flesh this coming March 25 and 26, 2023 at the Philippine Arena in Santa Maria, Bulacan as Globe brings BLACKPINK back in our area!

As a brand that puts passion and love for music and K-Pop come to life, Globe, together with BLACKPINK PH, whipped up BLINK Night 2023 last February 26 in Notorious HQ, Poblacion to celebrate the K-Pop supergroup's upcoming concert with a night full of dancing and singing, games and prizes to win, and official merch up for grabs. This pre-concert party with the BLINKs amplified the hype to an all-time high.

Looking forward to the big event that's happening this March, a true BLINK should never leave the house without these: Everyone’s trusty BI-Ping-Bong, the group's official lightstick, hand sanitizers and alcohols, face masks, and stylish yet comfy clothing. 

Here are five more ways to get that *pink venom* flowing in your veins before the much-awaited concert of the century:

1. BLINK-approved 'fits

Dressing up will always be fun and a drag at the same time, thinking of what pieces match and what don’t, without sacrificing comfort in these dreamy fabrics we wear. But wouldn’t it be great to dress up the way your fave girls do?

If you want to wear that sexy ensemble with that amazing leather jacket Jennie wears during the world tour, do you. There’s also that amazing dress Jisoo wore during her solo part in the Japanese leg of their first world tour for you to strut your way inside the arena. Rosé’s designer outfits are always a dream to look at, and you can totally wear similar stuff like that without having to break the bank. Lisa’s vintage t-shirts will always be a comfortable go-to, so wearing a tee, a pair of trusty jeans, and your favorite sneakers will never fail you.

Just wear what you want to wear, especially if it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to impress anyone in the concert, because just like the girl-group powerhouse, you will always be that ~TYPA GIRL~ and boy who will never stop *shining*.

2. Pink lightsticks

If you don’t have a BI-Ping-Bong yet, this is your sign to get one! It’s a must for BLINKs to have this certain lightstick, especially during concerts in order to cheer for their favorite girls. If you can’t afford a brand-new one, buying a pre-loved lightstick is good too. If that’s out of the question, then a pink-colored lightstick will do!

3. Hype-Me-Up playlists

From curated playlists on Spotify and other streaming platforms to the concert setlist, to fan-edited BLACKPINK mash-ups and what their songs might sound like in an empty arena on YouTube, there’s a plethora of these for your BLINK heart to enjoy before the big day (or “days,” if you will) and on the way to the Philippine Arena.

It comes as no surprise that their songs are such a ~vibe~, so here are some of our favorites to listen to on a daily basis:

BLACKPINK Setlist: Born Pink World Tour

BLACKPINK - ‘Shut Down' (Empty Arena Ver.) ?


4. Photocards

Photocards have been all the rage ever since the resurgence of Hallyu groups that even non-K-Pop groups or bands, and theater shows make these coveted cardboard cutouts and sell them as collector’s items, which in all honesty, they are. You can keep them in your wallets, your mobile phone’s cases, ID holders and laces, and card binders that hold your abundant collection.

If you wish to bring them during the concert, don’t forget to be extra careful with them! It’s always safe to put these cards in a photocard sleeve, before putting them in a toploader for extra protection, especially during a wild night of dancing!

5. A good night’s rest before the concert

Unending thoughts going through your head, the bursts of excitement every now and then, eyes wide open from non-stop stan Twitter scrolling, and deafening tunes playing in your mind as if you're already in the Philippine Arena. These are some of the things that every concertgoer might cycle through on the night before the big day. And it’s no different from BLINKs who have been waiting for a long time to see their favorite idols!

It’s totally understandable, and somewhat normal for a fan to not be able to contain their anticipation and excitement. Still, it will always be best to get some well-deserved rest before the concert because you’ll need that extra energy from the countless screams, dancing, jumping, and singing along to their songs.

In the name of diligence and for the love of BLACKPINK, take note of all of these to make your concert experience one to remember!

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