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In Case You're Curious, Here's The Difference Between A K-Pop Concert And Fan Meeting

What's The Difference Between A K-Pop Concert And Korean Fan Meeting?
PHOTO: Courtesy of Hanna Tamondong

2023 is lined up with many K-pop fan meetings and concerts here in the Philippines. Our certified ~*Hallyu*~ fans are absolutely ecstatic to meet their biggest idols and many have been saving up money since last year to fulfill their wildest dreams of seeing their K-pop biases in the flesh!

Live shows were prohibited throughout the country for two long years as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, so when the back-to-back announcements of concerts and fan meetings were out, nobody can explain the priceless joy it brought to all K-pop supporters. If you're new to the K-pop scene, you might be wondering where to draw the line between going to a concert and a fan meeting.

We've got you covered, here are the key differences between the two amazing events:

Special song performances vs. jam-packed setlist

Falling in love with K-pop idols usually begins with hearing their *beautiful* voices, which leaves listeners wanting more. The number of song performances varies between a fan meeting and a concert. The former will only perform their hit songs, whilst the latter will deliver a full setlist for you to sing along to and enjoy (including their B-sides!). No matter how different the live acts are, we must not underestimate the impact of music in connecting people together even if we can't understand it at first because of the language barrier. K-pop taught us that hitting that subtitle button is not hard to do at all!


Who doesn't want to have an ~intimate~ encounter with their favorite K-pop groups? While a concert would have you singing at the top of your lungs for one to two hours, fan meetings allow you to meet your idols in a more relaxed setting through interactive activities. This is typically done through fun games that engage both fans and idols. In some situations, you may be able to pose for a photo with them and take home a signed album or merchandise. There is also a "Hi-Touch," where you'll get the chance to hi-five with your idols! It is safe to say that a fan meeting is more up close and personal, while a concert is made to be an unforgettable night.


Enhypen plays ‘Enhy-Pinoy’ + members speaking Filipino/Tagalog

Brand partnerships vs. world-class Production

The people behind these events also have different intentions but one thing is for sure—they do it to satisfy the *hearts* of many K-pop fans! Big brands frequently host fan meetings to promote both their products and the artists they work with. One great example of this is the Stray Kids fan meet titled Stay With Bench. Bench is a famous Philippine clothing brand so to secure a ticket, you must purchase a specific worth depending on the seat and inclusions you are eyeing for. K-pop concerts, on the other hand, are brought to you by top-tier entertainment agencies who partner up with local event organizers. A large-scale event like this aims to take the world by storm through quality performances and faultless production work.

Send Me Back Saturday #StayWithBENCH

Q&A session vs. performance-driven show

Since fan meetings are more laid-back than full-length concerts, the question-and-answer portion is always one of its segments. Fans look forward to it since it allows their idols to open up to them more, particularly about their future plans.  During concerts, K-pop idols can only speak in between performances where they will chat with the crowd for a while before moving on to the next song. Time is gold during concerts because the groups are expected to deliver a full setlist as a way to give back to the fans who have supported their music since day one. Nevertheless, both events are excellent opportunities to get to know the artists on a *deeper* level.

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