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BTOB Talk Fan Chants, Which Member Is Most Likely To Forget Song Lyrics, And More

'We always miss our Philippine Melodies,' MINHYUK shares.
BTOB K-loka Get To Know

ICYMI, BTOB is K-loka by Cosmopolitan Philippines' May 2023 cover star, and we couldn't be more proud. Fresh from a highly-successful comeback with their 12th mini album Wind and Wish, the sextet sat down with us to discuss their 11-year journey as K-pop idols, sharing special memories along the way and displaying a bond that truly embodies the term "brother act."

MINHYUK describes the title track "Wind and Wish" as "[a song that] wishes for the happiness of the person we love," and the other five tracks were sincerely written by him and fellow member HYUNSIK. Actually, during the filming of the "Wind and Wish" MV, SUNGJAE shared a TMI that went from being a funny to a sad story. "EUNKWANG mixed up the music video cue sheet however he wanted, so CHANGSUB and I were on standby for, was it three hours?" CHANGSUB continued, "So everything ended late." PENIEL explained, "originally they were supposed to film first and leave but [that happened]." It seems like their funny antics don't just happen onstage or at variety shows, LOL!


In their K-loka Get To Know video, the group also answered "Who's more likely to...?" scenarios, including which member usually forgets the lyrics. Here, SUNGJAE stepped in to clarify: "But it’s not that [EUNKWANG] can’t memorize it because he’s slacking off. I went to his house once and he really puts in a lot of effort. He typed and printed out his parts and stuck them on the refrigerator to memorize, but he still forgets. He just lacks good memory."

Aside from their vocal prowess, BTOB are also known for pairing their discography with complicated fan chants. "The ones where they harmonize with the fan chants are the best in my opinion. It really makes me feel that Melody’s singing skills are improving by the day," CHANGSUB shared. SUNGJAE agreed and gave one of their iconic songs, "Only One For Me," as an example. EUNKWANG revealed that the fan chant requires Melody (BTOB's fandom) to sing separate chants on both sides. "They divide it," CHANGSUB explains further. See the boys teach the fan chant (and watch the fans do it live here, at the 1:02 mark!):

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BTOB - 'Only One for Me' fan chant

If it’s possible, HYUNSIK thinks it would be nice to be on a show in the Philippines, and Changsub immediately agreed. EUNKWANG chimed in, "I really want to. Please invite us!" PH Melody, which variety show or YouTube channel do you want to see the Beats guest on?

MINHYUK ends the video with a special message for PH Melos: "We always miss our Philippine Melodies. We hope you’re healthy and happy. I hope we can meet and sing together soon. We love you." Showing that he took notes during their earlier shout out video, EUNKWANG called out "Mahal kita!", while HYUNSIK said, "We miss you."

Watch BTOB's full K-loka Get To Know episode here:

BTOB Reveals ‘Wind And Wish’ Funny Moments, Their Fave MELODY Fan Chant & More | Kloka Get To Know

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