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10 ITZY Songs To Hype You Up Before Their Upcoming Events In Manila

10 ITZY Songs To Listen To If You're A New Fan
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Whether a new song is recommended by your friend or you randomly heard it online or in a public place (and liked it immediately!), nothing ever beats the feeling when there's a new artist you want to listen to. With ITZY releasing bops after bops since their debut in 2019, we're sure you must have heard one of their songs on TikTok or Twitter that became stuck inside your head right away! With that, we're here to help you ~surf~ through their discography as their press event and concert in Manila approaches.

Here are ten ITZY songs that you should add to your playlist:


This song is one of the K-pop releases that reminds me of the year 2020. While the world was facing a sudden adjustment due to the pandemic which caused a lockdown, there was "WANNABE" that made us all do the iconic shoulder dance. It has the signature ITZY swag and a huge amount of power coming from the girls who always wear their crowns. I remember dancing to this song as my "workout" every afternoon during that time with my sister. Wanna know my favorite part? It's the heavy dance break that ITZY pulled off very smoothly!

2. "SURF"

Just when you hit that play button, this feel-good song will instantly connect to you like free therapy. It's so chill and comforting, and it's probably something you would play on a road trip with friends, during picnics, or beach adventures. In other words, it delivers a good dose of relief. ITZY also gave us refreshing vocals combined with the song's overall production. All in all, "SURF" is definitely a must-listen!



3. "SWIPE"

"SWIPE" is too great for a B-side track! We're very grateful to be blessed with a music video for this track, which is so sassy that anyone who listens to it would have the natural response of singing along. Not to mention with the swiping choreography that is easy to follow, you can be ITZY's sixth member in no time! The combination of the singing and rapping parts was placed very well, and the girls' outfits fit their image as a group so much.



Out of all the tracks in their album CHECKMATE, "DOMINO" is my utmost favorite. It's the type of song that when you listen to the first few seconds of the intro will make you want to finish the whole track. This feel-good ITZY single has touched my heart from its melody to its lyrics. The way it talks about having someone to keep yourself from falling like a domino is really comforting. Not to mention their vocals were very much highlighted in this song as well. This proves how ITZY's members are truly all-rounders!

5. "Wild Wild West"

Honestly, this could have been title track material. There are so many factors such as that captivating intro that make you think this could have a choreography or a music video, right? Well, sadly, there isn't any content like that. Another factor I loved about this track is the lyrics and how it compares a person's personality on the outside as being tough and prickly like a cactus but actually having soft emotions. Really hoping for a live performance of this song soon!

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Wild Wild West

6. "SHOOT!"

This B-side has a very ~cool~ vibe to it. I think in terms of ITZY's B-sides, "SHOOT!" is the most known one! I'm not really a fan of too much autotunes in a track, but its use in this song fits so well with the beat that it makes the song good for some reason. Listening to it will make you want to put on your best clothes and slay the day as if you're walking on a runway, making heads turn towards your direction wherever you go. If you want to feel very swaggy, take your time and listen to "SHOOT!"


7. "Trust Me (MIDZY)"

All I can say is this song is so beautiful that it made me cry when I first listened to it. MIDZYs are so lucky to have ITZY and ITZY is so lucky to have MIDZY. Nothing feels comforting knowing that you have your idols to lean on, and I'm sure ITZY feels comforted as well that they always have MIDZY by their side. To think that the fandom name MIDZY actually means "to trust" creates a whole deeper relationship between the idol and their fans.

ITZY (MIDZY) Lyric Video @ITZY

8. "Be In Love"

ITZY's "Be In Love" will somehow give you a nostalgic feeling as you listen to it. The song fits each of the girls' vocals so well, and them performing it live as they were in the car during their live premiere when they released their "Not Shy" album completed the sentimental vibe this song has. With the mix of melodic guitars and punchy beats, it's definitely a song that is added to my favorite ITZY songs list. I also felt the emotion of not wanting to be separated from the one I hold dearest as they performed this track.



The sick beat of "CHERRY" always makes me feel like a boss when I listen to it. The catchy melody sticks to your memory like bubblegum and will have you sing "Really really me I'm a cherry on top, yeah." This 2019 track proves how ITZY has swag since their debut years without even trying! ITZY has their own way of showing their unapologetic selves through their songs without sounding rude, and that's one of the many reasons why these girls are so lovable.


10. "Freaky"

From their newly released album CHESHIRE, ITZY has put out another song you could listen to nonstop! "Freaky" didn't have intense rap parts and high-note verses but it served and gave us chill vibes that we could enjoy during our walks in the park. This song is proof that you should go over all the tracks when ITZY releases a new album or else you will miss out on their best B-sides!

ITZY - Freaky (Audio Clip)


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