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Get To Know The Cast Members Of 'Single's Inferno 2'

GUIDE: Single's Inferno 2 Cast

With one of the hottest Korean dating shows just ending recently, the cast members became a trending topic on social media, especially for people who love to immerse themselves in such programs. The contestants of Singles' Inferno 2 surely made our jaws drop the moment they revealed their occupations and what they study. Read on to get to know a few things about them!

Here are fast facts about the cast members of Single's Inferno 2:

Shin Seul Ki - 1998

Instagram account: @shinseulkee

The easygoing and bright Seul Ki is a senior student at Seoul National University majoring in Piano. She started playing the piano when she was 10 years old and shared at the show that she has a love-hate relationship with the instrument.

Park Se Jeong (November 12, 1997)

Instagram account: @jennonpark

Se Jeong is currently working as a model in an agency. She has been in Sony and BMW ads. Aside from her loving clothes and taking pictures, her routine of lifting weights three to four days a week is perfect for her occupation. We love her confidence!


Choi Jong Woo (1998)

Instagram account: @jvvcful

Jong Woo is a barista at the café his family runs in Gangwondo, and their café is well-known for super sweet corn coffee. He used to be a soccer player, and also mentioned to Seul Ki when they were in paradise how he kind of regretted letting go of being an athlete. But now, he is happy with running their café business.

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Lee So E (October 10, 2000)

Instagram account: @e._.soi

Seo E is a senior at Hanyang University majoring in acting. She first joined the theater and film department out of curiosity, but she has come to love the process of getting to know a character and being with other actors. She has made cameos in dramas like in The Glory, Snowdrop, and The First Responders.

Jo Yoong Jae (1991)

Instagram account: @yoongkda

Yoong Jae currently works at a securities firm in Yeouido, Seoul. He graduated from Hanyang University with a major in Business Finance. He was able to get hired through open recruitment at a stock brokerage firm, and he is responsible for analyzing assets and creating specialized private equity funds that institutions can invest in.


Lee Nadine (May 1, 2000)

Instagram account: @deeenerss

Nadine is a student at Harvard University on the pre-medical path and her concentration is neuroscience with a secondary in computer science. She wants to pursue surgery after she graduates. She mentioned that she has been doing research on temporal lobe epilepsy. Nadine loves doing outdoor activities like skiing, kayaking, surfing, golfing, and sailing, and plays sports such as soccer and lacrosse.

Kim Han Bin (1999)

Instagram account: @domestic_seal

Kim Han Bin is a chef who won the 2018 grand prize at the Korea International Cooking Competition organized by the Korean Cooks Federation and the Director of Organization Award in 2019. Not to mention, he has certifications in Korean, Chinese, and even Western cuisine! He is also certified in food safety management by the US National Restaurant Association.

Shin Dong Woo (1991)

Instagram account: @darricksss

Shin Dong Woo is a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery. He graduated from Yonsei university medical school. He mentioned that his decision to go to med school was influenced by his father. Shin Dong Woo lifts weights almost every day as his hobby and likes playing basketball ever since he was a kid.

Choi Seo Eun (June 17, 1995)

Instagram account: @4x4ischoi


Choi Seo Eun is currently working as an artist in South Korea. She mostly paints abstracts because she likes to paint simple paintings where people would get to imagine lots of things upon seeing her work. She graduated from Pratt Institute in New York as a Fine Arts major with a focus on painting.

Kim Jin Young (June 9, 1995)

Instagram account: @dex_xeb

Kim Jin Young is currently a content creator on YouTube. He was previously on the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) in the Navy special forces. After being discharged, he started creating various content on YouTube, especially on things he is confident at such as tactics and shooting. He plans to make us of his expertise and make more military content in the future.

Kim Se Jun (July 31, 1996)

Instagram account: @asser__kim

Se Jun is a tailor at Ascottage, the tailor shop owned by Single’s Inferno season 1 contestant Oh Jin Taek. Se Jun shared on the show that he is at his happiest when he is wearing a suit which brought him to want to make one. He plays tennis as his hobby, and he thinks one of his attractive features is his kindness.

Lim Min Su (December 26, 1997)

Instagram account: @limminsu000


Min Su is the CEO of an online clothing store and is also working as a freelance model. She does everything she needs to do at her store, from styling the clothes to modeling and taking pictures of the product to finally uploading them. She was a contestant in Miss Korea 2020 but did not take home the crown back then. Recently, she uploaded on her Instagram story that her favorite NewJeans song is "Ditto," and her MBTI is ESTP!


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