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11 Stray Kids Songs You Need To Listen To If You're New To The Fandom

LIST: Stray Kids (SKZ) Songs
PHOTO: Twitter/Stray_Kids

Discovering K-pop groups is undoubtedly a fun and interesting thing to do. As you try to know them and their music, you also get to experience a lot of firsts with them. Whether they are going to be your first-ever group or a new addition to your stan list, what matters most is that you found new gems for your playlist. With Stray Kids consistently giving us hits since their debut in 2018, it's no wonder if you have already encountered some of their songs! Don't worry, we got you covered as we give you a rundown of their songs before their upcoming Manila concert.

Here are 11 Stray Kids songs that you should add to your playlist:


There's a reason why this track came on top. If you're planning to attend the group's two-day Manila shows in March, "MANIAC" is the opening song in the setlist. The tour also carries the same name. Knowing this first will hype you up about your soon-to-be concert experience!

2. "TOP"

This song serves as the first opening song for the anime series, Tower Of God. It's a bit ~different~ compared to the other Stray Kids songs but it is equally addicting. Listening to it will give you a cinematic feeling. After all, it's an official soundtrack.

Stray Kids TOP -Japanese ver. Music Video


Personally, I fell in love with "Astronaut" right after I clicked the play button. It's a well-produced one, with smooth vocals perfectly combined with a refreshing EDM sound. "Astronaut" is definitely my cup of tea and I know I'm not the only one.


4. "God's Menu"

Production-wise, this is *God-tier.* "God's Menu" starts with a heavy entrance and then proceeds to a soft and melodic build in the pre-chorus. Of course, the main killing part is the chorus itself making it remarkable. It's a hit for a reason!

5. "Cheese"

Contrary to the title, this song isn't really ~cheesy.~ It's actually a serve (or should we call a slap) for the group's haters. Stray Kids didn't hold back in showing their strong attitude in this impactful number.

6. "VENOM"

If you're looking for a song that will intensify the hype among the concert crowd, this is it. "VENOM" carries the group's signature sound. As the lyrics suggest, "I want it more, I need it more."

7. "Haven"

A song that you would want to put on a loop, this is how I would describe "Haven." The refreshing vibe of the track is enjoyable right from the ears and as it enters your heart. Hearing this live in concert will be a *magical* experience. It's no wonder if fans will cry while waving their lightsticks—we totally understand!

8. "Back Door"

"Back Door" serves as an invitation for non-fans to check out their music. Felix even dropped the question, "Hey, you wanna come in?" in the beginning. Of course, yes is our only answer to that because who are we to refuse? Once you listen to Stray Kids, your only choice is to stay. *winks*

9. "MIROH"

I remember hearing this a lot after being released. That "Stray Kids" chant remains to be very iconic! The beat, rap, and vocals are all on point. This song absolutely slaps.~

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10. "District 9"

Of course, it wouldn't be an article about songs you should listen to if the debut song isn't included. "District 9" introduced Stray Kids to us and going back to where they started will make you understand that they started their career strong. The boys have reached this far!

11. "CASE 143"

Completing the list is a song from their most recent comeback album, MAXIDENT. "CASE 143" perfectly carried its role as the title track and a lot of people danced to it on TikTok! We're ready to scream, "143 I LOVE YOU"!

Stray Kids is anticipated to visit the Philippines again for their two-day MANIAC World Tour in Manila this coming March 11-12. See you there, STAYs!


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