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How To Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Say goodbye to "orphaned" pillowcases!

Clean up your night table.

Display calming objects like a table lamp, small decorative vase with fresh flowers, and the book you're currently reading on your side table. On the other hand, hide unattractive things like hand and foot creams, eye masks, menthol balms, remote controls, and other unsightly items in the drawer. 

Organize your bed linen.

Stash bedding sets in their matching pillowcases so they won’t get mixed up with other sets. This way, one look and you’ll know which set to get. No more pulling out an “orphaned” pillowcase from your beddings pile!

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Hide your bed linen in a lovely suitcase that you can leave out in plain sight, if you have no more room left in your closets. A vintage suitcase can add a quirky, romantic vibe to your bedroom.

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Use plastic underbed storage organizers for large items like comforters, heavy blankets, and other seasonal bed linen. Choose a container with wheels that’s low enough to be shoved underneath your bed. Add cedar balls (available at hardware and storage shops) to keep insects away.

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