10 Home Decor Mistakes People Make And How To Avoid Them

Itching to decorate? Not so fast! Take things slowly and surely to avoid disasters.

1. Rushing to decorate.

People tend to buy just any piece of furniture they think is decent or okay. Sure, it feels great to finally have a chair to sit on and a table to work on. But when you rush into buying pieces of furniture, you fail to really examine the quality. More than that, what if you found pieces you REALLY like, but you have no more space and money for them?

Tip: Remember, good design takes time. Find out what you really like, the look you’re going for, and take time to look around in home stores and online.

2. Having the wrong lighting.

Lights that are too harsh, unflattering, and have a way of making people feel tired don’t belong to resting spaces like the bedroom and living room.

Tip: Use dimmer, soft white bulbs for your rooms. If you need bright lights for reading or working, get lamps.

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3. Buying furniture that looks great but is very uncomfortable.

This is just impractical and such a waste.

Tip: Remember to always prioritize function over form. Your home isn’t something that you just look at. You live there, so it should be cozy and useful. If you’ve already bought one, sell it.

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4. Buying a piece that’s too trendy.

The thing with trends is that it goes out of style as quickly as it went hot. What more, they can possibly clash with the feel of your place, instead of adding an interesting counterpoint or character to your home’s vibe.

Tip: Always think twice about the trendy pieces you buy. Don’t just get them because everyone else has them. Make sure that they’re “you” in some way.

5. Painting without testing the color first.

People see a color they like, buy the paint, and start to have their walls painted. What’s wrong with this is that the color you see on a printed or chip sample is different from the actual color you’ll get on your wall.

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Tip: Paint swatches on your wall to see how your color options will fair on your wall’s texture, along with the room's lighting.

6. Having an eyecatching sofa.

Sofas with loud colors or prints make a statement, sure. But you’ll end up designing around your sofa, which is constricting and difficult. And if you don’t design around your loud sofa, you’ll end up with an eyesore of a home.

Tip: When picking sofas, go for neutral colors.

7. Buying furniture or appliances that don’t even suit your lifestyle.

This might come as a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised that people actually do this. They fall into the trap of buying furniture or appliances to conform to trends or as status symbols, the pride of owning something expensive. Doing this is a waste of space, seriously. It’s a waste of money too if you don’t even have people over to actually see your purchases.

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Tip: Just stick to your lifestyle. Your home is YOUR space. You shouldn’t be creating a home from pretense.

8. Putting off basic renovations.

Some people do this because they’re excited to move in to their new place. It’s a bad decision, because the home is not in top shape. You risk living in a construction space (if you remember to get the renovations done), which is inconvenient and could even be a health hazard when you’re not protected from the debris and dirt.

Tip: Have everything that needs to be done done before you move in. Waiting for a few more weeks or months will be worth it.

9. Hanging cliché art.

Hanging van Gogh’s Starry Night in your room? Or his Café Terrace at Night or a painting of a fruit bowl at your dining room? It’s not…bad. People know it when they see it. They’re just cliché and say nothing about you except…well, you're predictable.

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Tip: Hang art that speaks to you, means something to you.

10. Skimping on your home.

Getting a place to live in costs a lot of money. Some people skimp on their renovations and furniture, because all the spending rattles them.

Tip: Keep in mind that a home is an investment. That said, you shouldn’t skimp on it when you’re paying for quality for YOUR home.

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