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10 Signs You Grew Up With Brothers

Girlfriends are the bane of your existence.

1. You’re used to tough love.

You grew up being called taba and panget by your brothers, and they probably still do even now that you’re all grown up. What are otherwise hurtful and insulting monikers are actually endearing, as long as it comes from your bros.  

2. The thought of bringing the guy you’re dating home was pretty scary.

Because you knew they would just act weird or angas around the poor guy.

3. People have actually told you that they’re jealous you have a kuya.

To which you would automatically respond: “Talaga? You can have one of mine. Pili ka!”

4. You don’t feel super guilty when you can’t finish your food at a restaurant.

Because you know kuya or your baby brother can finish it all for you.

5. You generally hate girlfriends.

Even if you say you hate your brothers, seeing them act all sweet with another girl makes you mildly jealous. When their girlfriends start bribing you with gifts, however, MAYBE they’re not that bad pala.

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Then one day you become a girlfriend to a fantastic guy with a sister, and everything makes so much sense now. Oh well. #NoRagrets

6. You’re used to brutally honest feedback about your fashion and beauty experiments.

Like the first time you tried to fill in your brows, remember? Kuya said, “Bakit ganyan kilay mo? Ang panget.” Or that time you perfected your cat eye and all he said was: “Mukha kang ewan.

7. You have friends who are in love with your brothers.

And they are convinced that you will end up becoming sisters-in-law. How ‘bout no?

8. You’re not totally clueless about the NBA, because the TV at home is always on NBA.

Oh Kobe? Yeah I know Kobe. And Lebron. And Klay? He’s cute ah.

And you use this ~knowledge~ to strike up conversations with cute guys. #score

9. The day your baby brother went to prom, you couldn’t help but get emotional.

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And as you stood there with tears in your eyes, he looked at you and said: “Ate, you are SO annoying. Bye.”

10. You will always have a love-hate relationship with your bros, but you know that the love is definitely greater than the hate.

Fine, brothers are cool, too. They pay for your food and drive you places, even if they do stink most of the time. 


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