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10 Signs You're The Barkada's Flaker

'May ihahatid ka ba talaga sa airport?' is a question you always get asked.

1. Whenever your friends message you, inviting you to go out, you end up replying, “Sino pupunta?” Then when they tell you who from the squad will be attendance, it take more than three hours for you to reply…or not at all. Ugh.

2. You always use your family to get out of social engagements. Lagi ka na lang ng may ihahatid sa airport or birthday ng pinsan ng pinsan mo. Why do your friends even bother?

3. You confirm through the e-vite on Facebook just because you don’t want to look like an a-hole. Guess what? It’s ruder to say you’re going to make an appearance then flake because the inviter is actually going to prepare, you know!

4. You always say you’re on the way. The reality: you’re still in bed with no plans of standing up and getting ready. If only you could do the same to your boss, huh?

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5. And when your friends try to call you, you never pick up. Or your phone is running low on batt. Or you left your phone somewhere and couldn’t find it. Excuses, excuses, excuses!

6. People aren’t surprised when you are M.I.A.O nasaan na naman si Marie?” “Birthday daw ng pinsan niya.” “Ahhh…”

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7.  You take JOMO (joy of missing out) too seriously. Konting FOMO naman dyan!

8. You’re not very pissed when someone flakes on plans you made. You’re too used to doing it that you’ve come to believe that it’s okay. It isn’t.

9. When you do finally appear at the party, people are so surprised to see you. It’s like you died and got resurrected, and it’s all just too overwhelming. Now you want to crawl back into your cave of a bedroom and disappear again.

10. You never get invited to anything anymore. Not parties, weddings, christenings, or simple inumans. You, flaker of a Cosmo Girl, have just died a slow social death! Time to binge-watch Scandal again!

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