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10 Signs Your Parents Work Abroad

Opening balikbayan boxes is the best thing in the world.

1. Balikbayan boxes coming out of nowhere? Normal.

You know that Christmas/New Year's Eve/Your Birthday/Valentine's Day is coming up when dad tells you "'Nak, padating na 'yung box mo!'" So you wake up every single day and ask, "Andiyan na ba? Andiyan na ba?" Wala pa. Go back to bed.

2. There is no greater feeling than opening a balikbayan box.

When it arrives on your doorstep, you know it's going to be a good day.

3. You celebrate your birthday with your mom and dad virtually.

Your birthday wouldn’t be the same without your parents, and you’ve found a way to celebrate special occasions with them, all thanks to your reliable Internet connection and your iPad, which also happens to be the latest padala from last month’s box!

4. You have fights with them on Viber and Skype.

Your parents might be away, but you are no exception from their fury when they find out about The Party You Never Told Them About. But mooooooooooom.

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5. Hence, you've made really dumb excuses when you're not in the mood to Skype with them.

So even if they want to check up on you, you're all, "Just. Can't. Talk. Right. Now." So you lie and tell them that the Internet connection at home is spotty due to bad weather. Hey, you live in the Philippines, home of tropical thunderstorms. This is a legit excuse!

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6. You deal with a lot of "I miss you!" and "I love you!" comments from them on social media.

“Miss you na, ‘nak. Muwah!” and “Musta n kau?” and "Galing mo talaga, nak!" are just some of the comments your parents post when you upload a selfie, write a status message, or push for your org's promotional materials. Lahat na lang?

7. You have to teach them Facebook/Viber/WhatsApp hacks. 

Ang hirap na 'ngang turuang mag-Facebook 'yung katabi mo, paano pa kung nasa abroad 'di ba? "Ma, kapag gagamit ka ng hashtags, dapat may space ha. And 'wag masyadong mahaba." #family#missmydaughter#cantwaittogohome#lovelovelove

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8. You find time to call them up.

You may be an adult, but one thing hasn't changed: You still love talking to your parents on the phone. During long days, you make sure you give your parents a ring, and tell them about your day—good or bad. You've been doing this since the first day they left, and talking to them always makes you feel like they're right at home with you.

9. You miss your parents during instances when they just can’t be there.

Truthfully, you have a love-hate relationship with balikbayan boxes. You love finding out that papa sent you a new batch of clothes, chocolates, and makeup, but balikbayan boxes also remind you that he isn't home. That he can't be with you during Christmas, New Year's Eve, or your birthday. And that breaks your heart sometimes.

10. Despite the arrangement, you're thankful.

It might be hard, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it as time goes by. Some days are difficult when you miss them, but deep inside, you’re thankful for the sacrifices they go through just for you. Love you, mom and dad. <3 

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