10 Times It's Good To Be 'Maarte'

Being maarte with the work you're doing can help you succeed!

"Maarte" is almost always used as an insult. We're called maarte when we're acting like a diva and people around us can't stand it. But it's not always a bad thing to be maarte. Here are times it's okay, if not even to your (and other people's) advantage, to show your kaartehan.

1. Having good hygiene.

Showering every night to get rid of all the grime that clung to your skin before you go to bed, flushing the toilet, washing your hands after you pee or take a dump, washing your hands before and after you eatall these (and so much more) ensure you're maintaining good health. They also mean you're preventing the spread of diseases, so that helps other people! (That means it's totally okay to get pissed at every girl who forgets to flush the toilet for being gross and not thinking of other peopleor not thinking at all.)

2. Working.

There's a reason why people who make sure to always turn in excellent work or work they can be proud of succeed. They don't settle for the "Pwede na 'yan." They're OC with the smallest details, they strive for perfection and achieve it by working hard and not being lazy. Maarte? Sure. But they're also the best.

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3. Looking good for a job interview.

First impressions and appearances are going to help you by leaps and bounds, so making sure your look is clean, professional, and not at all vulgar is very important. Get your beauty sleep the night before, have a hearty breakfast in the morning, and make sure no one is going to ruin your day (or don't let anybody ruin your day). People around you will understand why you're so particular.

4. Planning to give someone something special.

Whether it's a gift or a surprise party, everything has to be perfect when you want someone important to you to feel very special. It's normal, if not in our nature, to put our hearts into the gift searching, wrapping, party planning, and decorating for someone who means a lot. It can be difficult when not everyone's cooperating, but making someone overflow with happiness is worth all the trouble of bossing people around.

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5. Shopping.

Having a discerning eye for quality control and making sure your purchases are worth every cent will do you tons of good when shopping. You'll only have clothes that'll last for years, saving you from heartbreak upon seeing quality defects, no matter how small. You'll also save money in the long run!

6. Planning your vacation.

Planning your vacay needs a lot of work. You have to think about where to go, when the best time is to go, what to wear, which city, neighborhood, and hotel to stay in, which sites to see, and where to eat. That's a lot of Googling you have to do, but having a solid itinerary will complete your trip.

7. Deliberating on which applicant to hire.

If you're the boss thanks to all your hard work and amazing creds, congrats. You now get to call the shots on whom you want in your team, and critiquing each applicant—what she can and can't deliver, is necessary to make the right decision.

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8. Eating.

Food is a blessing and we know not everybody gets to eat well, so we shouldn't be very picky with what's on the table. But it's still good to care about what you eat for your health's sake. If you're very particular with having a balanced diet, it would be great if you also realized how other people aren't lucky in that department, which could either help you be more compassionate or be appreciative of your meal, at the very least.

9. Thinking about other people.

Sometimes it just seems like people aren't thinking about other people enough. They only think about themselves, what's best for them, never mind if it inconveniences other people or even harms them. (Can you believe those guys?) Being maarte by thinking about how your actions can affect other people's lives and following through will help make the world a better place to live in, even just a tiny bit. The world needs more people like this.

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10. Thinking about the environment.

This might sound over the top, but seriously, minding the pollution and all the litter in the metro is a good thing. They're not doing anybody any good, and worse, they're making the city more and more unlivable. Be a good influence (if you aren't one yet). Get yourself and other people more concerned about the environment by reading up and sharing news about it.

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