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10 Times Social Media Posts Got Us Into Trouble

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1. When a friend intentionally commented on a jologs photo that you forgot to delete from five years ago…

2. ...And your crush saw that photo on his news feed and liked your friend’s comment

3. When your mom asked about a tagged photo of you holding a beer bottle while you looked wasted.

4. Or when your parents asked about a photo of you and a guy in a party that you didn’t tell them about.

5. When you changed your profile picture and your titas and titos made the comment box into a chat box, complete with comments like "Hi hija hpe ur doing well."

6. When you forgot to hide an embarrassing stolen shot from your timeline and your friends saved the photo on their phones “for future reference.” So it comes up on your WhatsApp/Viber group whenever it's appropriate.

7. When you posted a sexy bikini photo on Instagram and realized that your old-fashioned relatives ARE NOW ON IG, TOO

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8. When you told your mom that you were sleeping over at a groupmate’s house for thesis and then she saw a tagged photo of you at Valk with your friends the following day.

9. When you posted an Instagram photo of your car keys, a lighter and your cigarette butt while drinking coffee because you are the absolute coolest...

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...but then totally forgot that your annoying little brother was on IG, too. So he reported it to your strict mom.

10. When you fought your boyfriend and threatened to break up with him after you saw a photo of him and a girl friend looking all sweet during dinner...

… And then you realized that the girl in the photo is his cousin whom he hasn't seen in 10 years.