10 Tips For Looking Thinner And Taller In Photos

Our Style & Beauty columnist, who's also a professional model, shares tips on reducing pounds and adding height when you're photographed.

May it be a Kodak moment or snapshot, or worse, an ambush pic, a photograph says a thousand words--especially when posted online for the world to see! Whether one or a thousand, don’t we hope that they be words of praise than persecution?

Last time I wrote about how to look taller and thinner instantly, right? Well, know that the camera can add 10lbs to our appearance, so now that you’ve got the tricks for a slender physique perfect for a live appearance, learn how to con the camera fabulously this time!

There are many elements to consider when wanting to look great in photos: lighting, wardrobe, make-up (if any), our mood, who is taking the shot, the given situation, etc. Whatever they may be, even at your most glam, we can sometimes be caught looking pudgier than we actually are! So, to avoid these photo mishaps, whether being shot by a pro or camera novice, here are some lens-fooling tricks to make you look sleek and slender, even at the most worst circumstances!

1. Know Your Angles.
Stand or sit at a quarter angle (think 2PM or 10PM clock position) with one foot/leg in front of the other (think beauty queen), rather than posing straight toward the camera, which will reveal your whole body for what it is. Angles can easily “slice” 10lbs off your figure! But even skinny boy-physiques can benefit from this, as angles create more flattering curves, which never hurt anyone, right?

2. Turtle Neck.
Elongating your neck not only eliminates existing double-chins but can also help keep this from happening when you don’t even have one to begin with. Some people have the tendency to unconsciously pull their neck back for photos that also shorten one’s appearance, so always remember to pull out that neck!

3. Proper Posture.
Try imagining yourself as a puppet with an invisible string pulling you up. A straightened back can add up to five inches to one’s height, which may easily make you look more slender. The viewer’s eyes end up scoping you out vertically than horizontally. This leads me to…

4. Suck It Up!
No more tears from looking fat in photos! Call it a chain reaction but by pulling up your posture you end up sucking your gut. And as this happens, you instantly tighten your “tush”--think ballerinas! It’s a three-for-one special: eliminate flabby inches from your waist and hips as you add height to your frame!     

5. Clever Accessories.
Though diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, so is your purse! Use your purse, notebooks/papers, or fan to cleverly conceal your problem areas like a jelly-belly! This also leads me to…

6. Friends That Stick Together.
Yes, friends really can be there through “thick and thin!” When posing with a friend or a group, pose at an angle (refer to #1), with nearly half your body behind the person next to you! What are friends for?

7. Heads Up!
Stay away from shots taken from bottom angles! Call it artsy but it’s also fatty! Your whole body and face appear bigger and yes, taller, but in a most unflattering way! Opt for shots taken slightly above you for you to look up, which lengthens your neck and accentuates your jaw, resulting to a slimmer face.

8. Handle with Care.
Proper hand placement can make or break your physique on film so get a grip on it!

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  • Keep your hands away from your body to avoid adding bulk to your body caused by crossing your arms or hugging your waist from the front.
  • Make sure to not let your upper arms sit flatly on your body to make them look leaner.
  • Make one hand hold your waist or upper hip to add more angles to your body. (Think typical model pose.)

9. Get Spanx-ed!
Naughty or nice, we all deserve to be Spanx-ed! When all else fails, time to call in for support: control hosiery, that is. Minus the painful “bones” that traditional girdles cause, apart from being obvious under certain clothing, control hosiery can miraculously take pounds away and add wanted curves to your frame--whether you're chubby or more so, heavyset! It makes clothes fall flawlessly on your body and helps you suck in all the right places even when you no longer can. Check out SPANX Philippines' website here. Try a SPANX Mid Thigh in Black, P1500++.

10. Go Figure!
Then again, after all that’s said and done, there’s always the steadfast tip that never fails: diet and exercise… I mean, go figure (pun intended)?

Photo courtesy of FHM Philippines (FHM Lingerie Special, taken by Doc Marlon Pecjo)

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