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11 Reasons Why Low- Maintenance Friendships Are The Best

Low level of clinginess = high level of happiness.

1. You get to live your own lives without worrying about alienating each other. She’s busy on her journey to become the next Miss Universe, while you’d rather spend your time climbing mountains whenever you can escape your corporate job. You update each other whenever you can about your #lifegoals, but it never feels like you don’t know each other anymore.

2. There’s barely any drama in your friendship. Because you both know very well that not everyone has time for unnecessary drama—and that includes you two!

3. You don’t set any expectations for one and other, and it’s totally fine. You don’t have those ~*friendship rules*~ that require you to meet up twice every month until you’re too old to do so. Low level of clinginess = high level of happiness.

4. But when you REALLY need each other, you’re never too busy to set a date. And it doesn’t matter where you go! As long as you can talk freely about life and the shit that it keeps throwing at you. If the place requires no bras, the better.

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5. You always remember the important dates. You know each other’s birthdays and couple anniversaries by heart. Sometimes, your text message history is only filled with yearly greetings for each other—but that’s totally fine.

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6. You don’t even recall how long you’ve been friends, which is pretty cool. You’ve been each other’s constants for the longest time that you don’t even recall how many years it has been.

7. You never let each other feel neglected. When you see each other post a cryptic tweet or share a sad quote on social media, you immediately message or text each other just to ask what’s up, even if you haven’t talked for months before that. 

8. You never hesitate to ask each other out. You know how sometimes, you have to think twice before asking some friends if they want to hang out and chill? You never have to do that with each other. Because you’re certain that you’ll always make time for your favorite low-maintenance friend.

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9. Running in to each other at the most random places turns out to be the highlights of your friendship. Because sometimes, your plans never push through. Then one day while you’re doing your groceries while you're in your pambahay, you see each other at the mall and immediately do a coffee run together and cancel plans for the rest of the day.

10. You take “catch up sessions” to a whole new level. You don’t see each other as much as you’d like to, so when you do get to spend time together, you make sure to fill each other in on what’s happening to your lives. A catch up session means hours and hours of making chismis and planning future trips together. For other people, catch up sessions mean traveling together to really spend time together.

11. You love each other to death because you find so much comfort in knowing that you can spend months and months apart, but when you see each other again, it’s like nothing has changed. That’s true friendship right there!

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