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11 Reasons Why Your Mom Is Your One True BFF

She'll always shop for you before herself.

1. Everything you post online is met with a thumbs-up and a heart emoji. Unless it’s a pic of you dancing on a table with barely any clothes on, she’ll immediately share it on her timeline for her amigas. She’s your number one liker on social media, even if she calls it "The Facebook."

2. She’s your number one defender. Every time a nosy tita or an irate grandma criticizes your decisions in life, her mama-claws come out in your defense. No one messes with her kid…except her, of course.

3. You can talk to her about anything and everything. She’ll gladly give you her two cents when it comes to dating, discipline, and what you should do to become successful. Just don’t tell her about that time you snuck in past your curfew because you were to drunk to notice the time. Sorry, ma!

4. She’ll always shop for you before herself. You might find the tops she buys for you a bit baduy, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

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5. When you’re sick in bed, she’ll nurse you back to peak health. Complete with hot sinigang, foot massage, and a kiss good night! So sweet.

6. In the same way, when you’re going through heartbreak, she’s the first to tell you that he was an asshole anyway. Marami pang mas gwapo, mas matalino, at mas mabait diyan, anak!”

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7. She knows you like the back of her hand. Every mole, scar, and hair on your body, not to mention your dreams, fears, and inhibitions are something she holds close to her heart.

8. She only wants the best for you. You’re her baby girl. She tried her best to raise you well because she wants you to flourish out in the real world.

9. Your accomplishments feel more valid when she’s impressed. That’s because her opinion is the one you value the most.

10. She only gave you the gift of life for crying out loud! That she carried you for 9 months, made sure you had a good education, a roof over your head, and food to eat everyday is a clear sign of her selflessness.

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11. Even when you’re being stubborn, she’ll never stop loving you. It’s just what mothers do.