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11 Signs You’re A Makati Girl

You live ~*in the middle*~ of everything.

1. You LOVE Jolly Jeeps.

The best hidden gems can be found in our favorite Jolly Jeeps. Craving for the best sisig? There’s one on Rada St. and what makes it even yummier is the fact that it’s only P50!

2. Two words: Little. Tokyo.

When our friends are craving for Japanese food, we know better than to turn to big restaurant chains. Instead, we head to Little Tokyo for our fix of authentic Japanese dishes complete with cozy ambiance. Kikufuji’s Uni sashimi is literally TDF.

3. You live ~*in the middle*~ of everything. 

When your friends from the South or the North ask to meet halfway, we automatically know what that means: MAKATI! Even if our North friends keep insisting that Ortigas is the center, we know it’s a lie. #Greenbelt #Rockwell #Glorietta

4. Making “after work” plans with your friends means still having time to go home.

Since your go-to place is somewhere in Makati anyway, you can still shower, eat the first half of your dinner, and maybe watch one episode of How to Get Away With Murder.

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5. You’re a little tired of people asking if you live in Forbes or Dasma.

Makati has other villages too, you know. And we’re not all filthy rich!

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6. Makati Cinema Square has everything you need.

DVDs? Yes. Personalized stamps? Yes. Shooting range to let go of the week’s stress? …yep.

7. Getting an Uber is a breeze.

When you open the app, you always see tons of tiny cars moving around the area, and booking one at 3:00 p.m. means riding it by 3:10 p.m. at the latest. AWESOME! In times of heavy traffic (ALWAYS), walking is no big deal, since we have underpasses, afterall.

8. Makati on a Sunday is heaven on earth.

Only we get to appreciate our city on a Sunday, where the wide roads are free of cars, and the kids are out to play in the parks. It’s the perfect time to have brunch in Salcedo, or bring your dog to Greenbelt. Why can’t it be like that every day?

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9. Pre-gaming is always at your house!

Before heading out to Black Market or Z Hostel, your friends always ask if they can get ready in your house. Not only for the shower, but also for the free dinner. We know what you’re thinking, guys. It's cool.

10. You know Makati traffic rules by heart.

You already know that Dela Rosa is one way, which means that you have to take Legazpi St. to get to the other side. Why do people still get confused??

11. You know you'll be a Makati girl forever.

Even if your south friends are super chill and your north friends are always in the most hipster places, you love being a Makati girl because you get a little bit of both. Not to mention, 40 to 50 years from now, you’ll be chilling in the Greenbelt Cinemas, fully enjoying your unlimited free movies. <3

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